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Ian Branch

Bulk change of Manifest settings??

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Hi Team,


I have a project group with 19 projects in it.

Is there any way to 'bulk' change a setting in their manifests?

Specifically the 'DPI Awareness' setting.

It's a right royal pain in the proverbial having to go through the process individually 19 time as I experiment with the settings v on-screen results.


Regards & TIA,


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Work out what change needs to be made to the dproj file and script that change using your preferred scripting language.


FWIW, this is one reason why I generate my manifest XML in a pre-build script.

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I would probably just disable the default application manifest altogether in all of the projects, and point them all to an external manifest that they can share.  Then changes are needed in only one place.

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The project options... build settings hierarchy... argh!! Never worked. Ever.


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7 hours ago, Uwe Raabe said:

Does this still hold true for Delphi 10.4.2? I cannot see any flaws with the auto-created manifest, but that might as well be due to my settings not covering the problematic areas.

It's certainly gotten better, but the generated manifest is still missing the Description and AssemblyIdentity (required as per the specs) elements. 

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