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take a look to this REST API Server

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I'm so tired and embarrassed by Embarcadero putting 'Amazing' and 'Fantastic' in front of every product missive.

It seems you need to create an emotional response. Perhaps someone is living in a perpetual state of marketing bliss.


Could you please, if you have the time, add a small paragraph explaining why this code stands out, for you, from the rest of REST.  


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Still wondering WHY I should spend time looking at it?

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seems well coded, small, highly modularized

it's new... has a community of a thousand coders

asking opinions

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I remember taking a look at horse, but dropped the idea of using it because - back then - it looked like a lot of stuff bundled into one giant repo, i think it even had another library as a dependency. It seems they have changed that:


For a more maintainable middleware ecosystem, we've put official middlewares into separate repositories:

At first sight, everything looks much more structured and clean up. I think I will take a look at it again.

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I don't see the point.

Delphi app is used only to serve Angular pages?

What are the advantages over Angular own embedded HTTP server?

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