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Farewell Rx10.4.2

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Hi there,


I want to wave goodbye to Delphi 10.4.2.

This was for me one of the most stable versions in the past,  maybe only XE8 was similar stable

and less critical for me.

Yes, it had its hickups here and there,  but nothing too annoying at all.

It accompanied me in the last 12 months as true friend,  so I wish you luck in the afterlife. 


Looking forward to see Rx11 as stable as its older brother,  and to give me another 12 months cycle of convenient Life.

The start looks very promising,  lets see ...

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Once you get it installed, it does seem very nice.  The non-dockable floating form designer is a bit funky but I do not resort to using that very often.


There are reported compatibility issues with TNumberBox and TScrollBox.  Also watch for possible unintentional image resizing iin VirtualImageList if using the HighDPI designer.

I started a list of things to look out for: https://github.com/ideasawakened/DelphiKB/wiki/D28.ALEXANDRIA.



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@Darian Miller

Thanks for such list, that is very helpful.

Such a general "Can-I-Use" list would be a big step to more quality, but I'm afraid this will end as fulltime job.

I'm not sure if preparing such useful lists could be done with Github or other tools on-the-fly, maybe so.

Anyway, I think this would be a perfect community work, to prepare especially something like Delphi polyfills, to add certain "workaround" to each issue.

If anybody knows how such work could be "automated", that would be great, maybe this could be even a side-project within DP ?


Anyway, my recipe to avoid most issues are the following:

 - don't use the latest features immediately, just observe and test, but let them "stabilize"

 - avoid using the latest fancy hot components, like TNumberBox, just take the time to build your own from more basic components ( I highly recommend frames for this )

 - try to use only minimal, absolute necessary external components, to avoid too much external bindings

 - modularize your libraries, so that they can be easier be managed and replaced (if needed ), single responsibility principle is also very much true for units IMHO,

   so I try to decouple functions into separate spaces.

 - tweak the Delphi core units, whereever  needed, to workaround issues and to receive the desired behaviour you want to have ( record helper or interposer)

 - UnitTest most of your work, to be able to spot sudden changes early





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I've been keeping a list of links for each version since 10.3 on that GitHub wiki  (of course, I mean to go back to versions prior but never seem to have the time, nor desire as it takes a decent amount of effort.)  There are always issues with a release but a few years after the fact you can never remember what workarounds were needed and you often simply have to relearn them the hard way.  For example, if you inherit a project to support that is based on 10.3, it would be nice to know what the glaring issues were with that particular version.  Always installing hotfixes solves many issues with a major release, but not all of them.


So with RS11, I included a new section "Some reported new version issues" so I have a little insight to what issues were brewing upon release.


It's certainly not the best option, but I'm open to assist with a better implementation.  I know that this has to be a huge problem for Embarcadero and the Delphi community as a whole.  There are many thousands of developers stuck at an older version for various reasons.  If we could get some insight into those reasons over time, and build some assurance that the latest version finally addresses their issues, then perhaps many more can upgrade to the latest - which should help Embarcadero and the rest of us as well.


I know a huge number are stuck on versions prior to 2009.  But there are also various developers stuck at XE2, 10.2, 10.3...


RAD Studio 11 should end up being a very strong version.  Other than a rather funky behaving non-dockable floating form designer (which I certainly hope gets more work), I don't know of any really strong reasons for all those on 10.1? or later not to upgrade except, of course, for the obvious issues with Third Party Components.  (Where the pain is lessened if you adhere to the law "Thou shall not buy a Third Party Component without full source code.")



If you are reading this and cannot upgrade - what specifically prevents you from upgrading to RAD Studio 11?  Maybe we should start a new thread for that...




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58 minutes ago, Lars Fosdal said:

546 issues registered for Alexandria as of now.  It is not ready for use, IMO.  Waiting for Update 1.

Even if some are user error and some are duplicates, that's still a staggering number of issues in a week since the release. 

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In all fairness, most seem to be from the beta period. 


Number created since September 9th = 155.

project = RSP AND resolution = Unresolved AND affectedVersion = "11.0 Alexandria" AND created >= "2021/09/09" ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC


On the other hand, of all the reported errors, there are 287 that closed, in addition to the 546 unresolved ones

project = RSP AND resolution != unresolved AND affectedVersion = "11.0 Alexandria" ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC

with 131 of those 287 marked as Fixed 

project = RSP AND resolution = Fixed AND affectedVersion = "11.0 Alexandria" ORDER BY priority DESC, updated DESC


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Look at it another way, why are so many issues created during the beta not resolved? How many of those are the same as those people are now reporting. There are always a lot of duplicates in Jira, perhaps because people don't bother to search first - but then searching for existing reports in jira is not easy. 

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Yet another way to look at it: Wow! Many folks still use Delphi and are eager to use the newest release as well. So.... not dead! EoD.


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Yet, never saw a thread called Farewell VSCode xxx !

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And yet they still can't implement an elementary customizable toolbar. Or change MouseWheelClick shortcut from weird multicursor action to usual page scroll.

Btw, @Kas Ob. , I saw ppl in relevant issue topic saying farewell VSCode 😉

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Well i should be more scientific about this, while don't have statistics but i think numbers can say something if they could talk, like 3 dude saying farewell to VSCode against 3 dudes out of 5 saying farewell Delphi xx, there is difference, right ?

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Thanks to Darian I've noted that I had missed to update my IDE version in DP for quite some time.
Just updated, of course its Rx11 now, and was Rx10.4.2 before.


A good time to remind everybody to check their profiles too.

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