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Lars Fosdal

Delphi Developers Archive (Experimental)

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Delphi Developers Archive (Experimental) for the Google + Delphi Developers Community is online.


The posts are searchable by tag list or free text search.

FYI - This is work in progress, and I hope to improve the following issues:
- Some posts have erroneous titles
- Some posts are missing attribution of the original poster
- Some 600 posts are missing due to an inexplicable quota error during import 

Comments on the archived posts are currently disabled until the import is finalized.


Comments appreciated.

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Thanks very much for the efford, looks good to me.

Search seems to do well in full text, at first sight, great.

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30 minutes ago, Dave Nottage said:

The post titles? If so, why?

Because of 


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@Schokohase Kobra, übernehmen Sie.


@Dave Nottage There was no titles on g+ why would he want to have a fake one on the takeout? For what reason?

Half of the posts will get a "hi" like title, half of them will repeat the whole text. And it's lot of work for nothing.

Tagging would make more sense.

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8 hours ago, Attila Kovacs said:

Looks great. Drop the titles.

Not possible. Blogger insists on a title, and Google+Exporter makes what it can out of the first text(s) it finds in the post.

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@Attila Kovacs - If you find something truly horrendous, feel free to send me a link.  I am not going over the 12K posts by hand, though. 
Edit: But not yet, do it after I've done the brush ups that Google+Exporter are implementing.
I'll announce it when I think it is "done".

Besides, Tags existing in the original G+ posts are perpetuated. 
Post category is also attributed as a tag.


Also, the blog search is full Google search, so you can write things like

someword AND (thisword OR thatword) 

Note the capitalization of logical keywords.

Hence the titles are the least of worries.

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@Attila Kovacs

That is one of the fixups that the Google+Exporter have implemented.
At the moment I am trying to find out if I can update the posts, or if I have to delete them all and re-import them.
Blogger is a difficult beast...

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