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Are you using Delphi 11 with mainstream projects?

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I've been testing Delphi 11 with small projects, just because their are simply to migrate and test.

Although most features are working fine, some bug are very annoying and counter productive.


1) Code refactor: Is not working fine. There are methods (or classes) that kept the old name. For example, I'm renaming a class with several methods. Only part of them gets renamed in the same unit. Nothing happens with external references. I have to check manually or "Compile and Fix" the bad refactored code.

2) LSP: It's hard to describe. There's clearly an improvement but something got broken in the way.  Lot's of curly lines are shown where code is fine. I have to close/reopen the IDE. If I refactor a method name for example, The new name will get red curly lines. After adding units or refactorying code, there are so many curly line is hard to pin point what is correct and what's not. Once the project compiles, I have to restart the IDE for those curly lines to disappear.


3) Delphi 11 Help need some help.. again 😞

4) When debugging Inline var the wrong value is displayed but the routine works as expected, i.e, the value is correct.


5) Incremental searching components (component palette) is very slow. Someone forget to use BeginUpdate/EndUpdate?


6) When closing the IDE there's this error that pop's once in a while. The projects I'm working are very simple, and I'm using valina components from the IDE ( TControlList, TControlListButton, SVG Images from ethea, ICS ), in fact the same components/source code are shared with 10.4.2 (which is working fine)


On the other way...

1) Delphi 11 generates faster and smaller code.

2) The IDE design is the best, snappier, no more flicking, and very fast! I really enjoy working with it
3) The class helpers for TDatetime and currency are great!

4) the debugger improved a lot and displays correctly (most of the time) generics and complex structures, both in 32 and 64 bits.

5) Getit is great!



I will continue migrating my small projects to Delphi 11, but I will wait for a patch before considering Delphi 11 as my main IDE.



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Refactoring remains broken with inline variables.  I assume they are the probable cause of your particular failures.  There are multiple issues with inline var refactoring, such as  https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33176   I plan to stay away from using inline vars until the tooling catches up.  (Also issues with debugger: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23096)


I've experienced some odd things in the RS11 IDE - for example, occasional structural highlighting fragments occur in the editor so I've temporarily disabled that feature as it gets too distracting.


On the other hand, the IDE feels much more responsive and looks much cleaner.  

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I've spent a day using the new IDE. The Access Violations while building the project group still there. What's new for me is that once I got an error that some component already exists and compiling stopped working.


The plus side is that I was able to move some code base from D10.4.2 to D11 very easily. There was only a few data type changes in the methods in the RTL that required changes in my code.

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Is there anyone using any Delphi version in its initial release state?

(🤡Nice try, but even D7 is widely used with at least one update...)

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I always wait for the first "bug-fix update" after each major release before doing anything with it.


I'm still having plenty of problems with 10.4.2.

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Apart from some tests and upgrading my IDE plugins I haven't used Delphi 11 much yet. I'm currently on Delphi 10.2 and 2007 for work. Given the state of 10.3 and 10.4 I doubt that I ever will move on to these versions, I use them only for GExperts maintenance. And given all the "fun" I still have with trying to iron out the display problems in GExperts on Delphi 11, I guess I won't switch to Delphi 11 either. But time will tell.

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