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ISO8901: Week numbers and year

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According to this document ISO 8601 - Wikipedia

Monday 29 December 2008 is written as "2009-W01-1" when a week number is used.


As you can see, instead of 2008, the value 2009 is shown. What date formatting function supports this in Delphi?



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I can't help here. But I can offer a warning to inexperienced "week number" users (which you may NOT be, I realise) and that is to beware of the week number 53 that does occur from time to time. I spent a long time debugging someone elses code once that stored week data in an array size [52] and overflowed causing corruption when week 53 came along.

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The functions in system.dateutils claim to be ISO8601 compliant.  Are you saying that they return the wrong results?  WeekOfTheYear has an overload which sets the year as well as returning the week

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WeekOfTheYear is working. I was looking for something like DateTimeToString which supports displaying dates like above using week numbers (aka "2009-W01")

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28 minutes ago, Keesver said:

I was looking for something like DateTimeToString

There is no such thing in Delphi. You have to roll your own. Should not be that hard.

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7 hours ago, dummzeuch said:

I was about to point to my iso8601 unit in dzlib, but when I checked, I found the ToWeekDate method to be possibly faulty in exactly these cases. Should be easy to fix though.



Fixed it. Also added unit tests for this (I could have sworn I already had some. Another faulty thing: My memory.)

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