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Delphi 11.1 installation error : Download file corrupted.

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Has anyone installed succesfully Delphi 11.1.  I get the checksum error shown in the attached image in the middle of the installation process.  I contacte support but I got no answer.


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I found the instructions. I hope I can use the migration tool (because my attempted install ituninstalled the existing data).


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Posted (edited)

Lots of different reasons why downloads or installs fail (internet, disk errors, network, anti-virus, etc). I downloaded both the .iso and the .exe (web install) onto two different computers. The .iso failed to mount on one of them so I used the web install; the .iso worked fine on a different one. All just depends on the particular arrangement of bits in the ether on a particular day, I guess!

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It happened to me recently too. I repeated until success.

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There were some reported issues with the web install process. Repeat of installation does sometimes solve it.

Installing from the iso avoids this problem - download the iso - extract and install.

But there is a possible danger: Embarcadero recommend installing 11.1 using the same method as 11.0 (I believe) so if you used the Web Install for 11.0 it may be wise to use web install for 11.1.

I own up to using the iso as my preferred install method - you can download the iso whilst doing something useful elsewhere and then once you start the install you know you are free of any

internet connection issues causing a problem.

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4 hours ago, Roger Cigol said:

Embarcadero recommend installing 11.1 using the same method as 11.0

Yes, that's been the standard recommendation for a long time but there's been work to standardize the installs so that either .iso or web install will work regardless of the method used for the previous install--perhaps they just haven't removed that warning.

I don't have a "default" method for installs and, in fact, don't even remember which method I used for which version on which computers. I've never had a problem with the installs (I'm pretty sure I've mixed them up at some point) and am actually puzzled about what's wrong with using a different process for an upgrade than the original install used.

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