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Renate Schaaf

Parallel Resampling of (VCL-) Bitmaps

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55 minutes ago, Anders Melander said:

Please verify that the comments I've added in the source are correct

Correct and very clear.


I like the introduction of the MappingTablePrecicion.. constants.

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Posted (edited)

I might have introduced a bug in GR32_Resamplers, as it is, the left bound of the source rectangle is ignored. The fix is simple:


Line 1778 needs to be


SourceColor := @Src.Bits[ClusterY[0].Pos * Src.Width+SrcRect.Left];  //+SrcRect.Left was missing!

and line 1806:

        SourceColor := @Src.Bits[ClusterY[Y].Pos * Src.Width+SrcRect.Left];//+SrcRect.Left was missing!

Hope, you read this, Anders. If I don't hear from you, I'll create an issue on GitHub.


Edit: I definitely intoduced it by changing the order of the loops, I checked against an old version. Instead of


one should probably use




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