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FireDAC - TFDQuery - How to default calculated fields in the dataset to ReadOnly=False

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I'm using the FireDAC TFDQuery component to run a SQL SELECT statement against a SQL Server database. The SQL statement contains a few 'calculated' column expressions using SQL functions such as CONVERT and CAST.  For example : CONVERT(DECIMAL(9, 6), 0) AS TotalHours   and   CONVERT(TINYINT, 0) AS WorkflowState.


In the resulting dataset, these calculated TField objects are always set to ReadOnly=True. I want to populate these calculated fields in code after the dataset has been returned.  I know I can do this by changing the ReadOnly property of each field :

Dataset.FieldByName('MyCalcField').ReadOnly := False;

But is there a setting/option within the query components that I can use to force the fields created to always default to ReadOnly=False?

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