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"Network Unreachable" when tethering.

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"Network Unreachable" when tethering.
I am running the BDShoppingList project in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\Samples\Object Pascal\RTL\Tethering\BDShoppingList"
It runs well in Windows but when I run the Android target I get this exception.

The exception is raised in this proc:

procedure TTetheringNetworkServerCommUDP.BroadcastData(const AData: TBytes; const AHost: string; InitialPort, FinalPort: Integer);
I: Integer;
LHost: string;
if TTetheringAdapter.IsLoggingItem(TTetheringAdapter.TTetheringLogItem.Comm) then
TLogAdapter.Log('** UDP ** BroadcastData to "' + AHost + '": "' + TEncoding.UTF8.GetString(AData) + '"');
if AHost = '' then
if FIPVersion = TCommIPVersion.IP_IPv4 then
LHost := ''
LHost := '0:0:0:0:0:0:';

for I := InitialPort to FinalPort do
FUDPServer.Broadcast(AData, I, LHost)
for I := InitialPort to FinalPort do
FUDPServer.SendBuffer(AHost, I, AData);

My understanding is that to look for tethered apps on my subnets I need to use DiscoverManagers(2000, '') {timeout, use all my subnets}

The LHost is being assigned ( Shouldn't that be (


Using CE 10.2

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