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Lars Fosdal

Delphi 11.1 + patches - No debug source / breakpoints?

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It's prob not relevant to your problem, but I've run into a similar issue were the debugging doesn't work on my company laptop, but does on my own PC. I use the same VirtualBox VM on both (I copy the VM files over), so the RAD Studio installation and all the project files are the same on both machines. In my case it's an Android app and I can set breakpoints etc on the company PC but they are just ignored and the app never stops at a breakpoint. The company laptop has a bunch of AV/anti-malware stuff on it so I just assume that's the cause.

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On 12/20/2022 at 5:21 AM, Lars Fosdal said:

It is odd that it works with remote debug symbols enabled, though.

So yesterday I began to have this problem with 11.1 in a VM. Did some searching this morning, and that led me to this thread, which I recall reading when it was new.

My situation is not identical, Lars, as I do not see the color of gutter dots change. But breakpoints become non-functional, depending on where they are. I can break in the DPR, or in the main form. But somewhere beyond those areas, the breakpoints do not trigger.

Have you discovered the cause? I was going to check include remote symbols, and found it already checked, so that is not a solution here. 

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No, not really.  Very little Delphi work these days, as I am trying to get my head around an ERP system and all its wrinkles.

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