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NCR is still running ads for a "Senior Delphi Software Engineer." I interviewed with them and they are pretty good people. But, they talked mostly about coding and wanted me to take a coding test (a timed coding test, lol). So, it didn't sound "senior", more like "staff coder." If anyone here considers themselves a programmer, they might find some good Delphi work there. A quick web search will bring up their job ad.


NCR used to stand for National Cash Register and I remember doing things with their hardware, way back when I first started in the computer industry. Probably a great company to work for. Again if you view yourself as a coder or programmer, it's probably a good opportunity.

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9 hours ago, Lars Fosdal said:

Quick, Good, Cheap - you can only pick two.

That's true. My head is still spinning from my Delphi job search. It was the strangest thing I've ever encountered. The companies I found that were small and nimble, couldn't pay. The world of software development has, apparently, matured to the point where it has gone to hell and isn't coming back. All someone had to say to me is - When can you start? and Where do we send the sign-in bonus? I would, by now, already know their code and be contributing to the company. But, no. There was all kinds of crazy behavior happening. Don't company leaders pay attention to what goes on inside the company?

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