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Use Reverse Geocoding - How it really works?

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How does the TGeocoder really works? From where it get the address? Google API? I cannot found an answer.

The doc is not sufficent:




As the GPS only will deal with coordinates and not with address string stuff, so the app needs to convert from to and it is required a database (local, api, etc) to make the geo reverse.


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The secret here is in the platform dependent units System.iOS.Sensors and System.Android.Sensors. System.Sensors is mainly a placeholder or rather a unit containing virtual classes that are fleshed out depending on the platform. For example lets look at iOS as a target:

Using System.Sensors.TGeocoder will result in System.iOS.Sensors.TGeocoder getting used. This implements a TiOSGeocoder described in iOSapi.CoreLocation. It is mapped to iOSs built in Geocoder aka CLGeocoder which has the method reverseGeocodeLocation and will return all the data. It's an iOS API call in essence. I'm very sure the same goes for Android.

That's it.

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What kind of application do you want to develop (platform/device)? TMS has component wrappers for Geocoding using the Google API which is available for many platforms.


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6 hours ago, Magno said:

How does the TGeocoder really works? From where it get the address? Google API?

Essentially, yes.  On Android, Google's mapping API is queried.  On iOS, Apple's mapping API is queried.  In both cases, the address database is stored remotely on Google's/Apple's systems, so you need an Internet connection to perform reverse geocoding.

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Google APIs have a quite relaxed free tier, but it may add monthly service cost if these limits were touched.

You very likely will need an Google maps API key (I never used reverse GeoCode alone, only together with maps).

(Sorry, already answered by Remy.)


Apple reverse geocode is free (how unlikely is that ?).

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So, it uses the Google API at end, as I supposed. 

Thank you guys!!!

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