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  1. There are 2 things you need to do: 1) If you want to use the components from the tool palette then you will need to install the appropriate package for your IDE however this will not necessarily allow you application to compile the code; 2) You either need to add the Source\ directory to the IDEs library path or to your projects Search path. Your application should then compile.
  2. Angus Robertson


    As Allen said, you spelled Authorization wrong, one reason to use the new property rather than write your own headers. Also you are using async methods but not waiting for a response, you should use sync methods if you want a simple application. Exactly what header responses do you get with the correct spelling. Angus
  3. PeterEvansOz

    Running UnitTests for Mobile Devices

    There is a different approach. I like the approach of DUnit running on Windows under VCL. How can you get the Green Light paradigm working on FMX? Well, Roger Connell has done the port to FMX. See http://docs.innovasolutions.com.au/Docs/ADUGDelphi/ADUGDecember2014.html This approach was presented to ADUG in December 2014. I have used it successfully on Android under FMX. It works very well.
  4. ZRomik


    I'm trying to run the OverbyteIcsHttpRestTst demo app. When I press "Start REST Request" button I see in log that message: "HTTP Error 400. The request has an invalid header name."