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  1. For only 200 values you would have to be running your algorithm many times a second in order to detect any differences. I would simply put all the values in an indexed array and every time you update a value, simply check it against the previous lowest value. Then save its index and update the lowest value if necessary. Whether this is practical or not depends on how many threads are simultaneously updating the values, how long the algorithm takes to run, and what the intervals are between iterations of the algorithm. I have no idea whether this is the fastest way to do it, but it is simple, and for 200 items, as I said, I would not care if it took a few microseconds longer. If microseconds are really important to you, then it is essential to test and measure, not guess; so you must ignore my advice.
  2. Essentially all system wide methods are run through DUnitX now. This is how I know that RSP-15040 is still in Rio 10.3.1, I use that when anyone asks why I built my own string helper. Depending on complexity I use TestInsight while coding.