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  1. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    If you're considering using Electron et al. then perhaps also have a look at freepascal/lazarus? Last time I looked it was pretty nice, also on macOS. But too big of a rewrite for me as I am pretty heavily invested in FMX. If your app is currently mostly using VCL then it is much easier to rewrite and use their LCL approach.
  2. Wil van Antwerpen

    Catch details on AV

    Hi, Thanks for all the tips. I will check out the 3rd party products, but am a bit wary of adding 3rd party controls that are working at this low level to already released software. Especially if the component comes without source so I that it becomes more difficult for me to estimate the impact on stability, or if I need to look for another solution once the next version of macOS is released. If I start working on a new product it makes more sense to me as I will then have more time to test. Looks like the grjji github code might get me the basics I need for now. The website is very unclear and that does not give me a good feeling about the product itself. Version history 0.99beta... There's more text in the screenshots then there is text detailing the functionality about the product, several typo's in there as well. Time limited how? After a year the code stops working? After a year I need to buy a new license if I want to include it into a new application? Something else? Does it come with source? Does it work with FMX? (I only see VCL even on the macOS/Linux screenshots) Does it work with Delphi 10.3/10.4? I believe that the people behind it are very very smart, but I need more details to even consider it as a solution. Like you say.. no thanks.
  3. Wil van Antwerpen

    Catch details on AV

    FWIW, the customer that triggered this issue has helped me to nail it down. I'm very grateful for him to do that kind of detective work. The offending code was: sValue := ListBox.Selected.TagString; There was no selection made in the ListBox and as such Selected was nil. Previously there would always have been a selected value in the ListBox, but due to a change elsewhere that precondition was no longer true. From the customers initial report I was under the assumption that the error was in a different form .... So any details I would be able to log would help (form name, method, etc...), if only the moment an AV happens can be logged then even that might be helpful as I can then implement a debuglevel to the log to catch more details. Just looking for ideas. :)
  4. Wil van Antwerpen

    Catch details on AV

    Hi, Sometimes users report a problem with my FMX applications. Usually I am able to help them by asking them to email me the logs that the application creates specifically for troubleshooting purposes. However if the user reports an access violation it gets pretty hard to find what actually happened as my logs do not have any details on that. They don't even log the AV at all. Is there a possibility to log that kind of problem with a bit of detail? edit: FYI, both Windows as well as macOS, delphi 10.3 and 10.4 Thanks
  5. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi and the new Apple M1 CPU

    VMware is working on a VMware Fusion version for the M1 processor. This is not currently available, so no it does not currently work, estimated arrival somewhere 2021. That first M1 version will -for sure- not offer x86/x64 processor emulation. That is a whole different ballgame and rosetta is not available for virtual machines. As such you will only be able to run virtual machines that depend on an Arm processor to run. Having said that, VMware did get an overwhelming demand to also look into processor emulation and they are actively looking into this. That's about the only thing that the responsible VMware product manager is willing to say about this at the moment.
  6. Wil van Antwerpen

    Opening a document in FMX without custom code

    There are many ways, lots of different nuances on exactly how you want to execute something on the different platforms. Having said that. the following is probably close to what you are asking for: class procedure TShell.Open(sCommand: string); begin {$IFDEF MSWINDOWS} ShellExecute(0, 'OPEN', PChar(sCommand), '', '', SW_SHOWNORMAL); {$ENDIF MSWINDOWS} {$IFDEF POSIX} _system(PAnsiChar('open ' + AnsiString(sCommand))); {$ENDIF POSIX} end;
  7. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi AES encryption/decryption

    Another solution is to use LockBox / LockBox3 Note that you can install LockBox via the GetIt manager in the delphi Studio.
  8. Wil van Antwerpen

    Grid Sort indicator

    At first it looked like your article was only about VCL, but you do talk about FMX near the end. Indeed no sort indicator, a "current row indicator" instead. Still interesting, so thanks for the article. re. French, it's OK, learned some of it over the years, just don't ask me to speak or write in it. Just means I have to work a bit harder and finally get to put those language skills into practice. :D Thanks!
  9. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi 10.3.3/10.4 IDE Editor on VMware speed issue

    The last 32 bit Workstation Pro is from quite a while ago. It was either VMware Workstation version 9 or version 10. Either way it was many years ago. Perhaps you are looking at the GUI? That part is still 32 bit.
  10. Wil van Antwerpen

    10.4.1 Released today

    Full uninstall and reinstall as is noted here: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/10.4_Sydney_-_Release_1
  11. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi 10.3.3/10.4 IDE Editor on VMware speed issue

    :) Off topic for the original thread as you are reporting a different problem on another product. But, yes I think these type of questions do have a better chance of getting resolved at VMware's forum. There's not just me, but many more VMware experts who are roaming those forums including a bunch of their developers who actually work on the internals of VMware Fusion and Workstation. Host crashes tend to get extra attention as that's of course not something you ever would want to see.
  12. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi 10.3.3/10.4 IDE Editor on VMware speed issue

    This gets a bit off topic and while I have no problem answering here. It is really probably better answered at the VMware communities Fusion forum (I read every post at the Fusion and Workstation subforums, but you can always ping me there too ) Not that I am the expert on the graphics stack, but I might be able to help, if only to get the right information for others to help you. There's a lot of factors that can influence this, like your VM's configuration, what hardware you are running (not all MBP's are the same) and what version of VMware Fusion you are running. If you have an MBP then you probably have 2 graphics adapters (discrete and integrated) and you can tell VMware which one to use as a probably mitigation. I don't have your problem, nor have I seen it myself. MSPaint 3D works fine here, not that I ever use it. Earlier versions of VMware Fusion would use an openGL renderer at the host, while nowadays a Metal renderer is used. Older graphics cards work better with the openGL backend and newer ones with the Metal one. You can switch the background renderer if your MBP is older (like a MBP from 2014 or earlier) and it helps. Then there's the whole matter of which 3D technology you're using. As you are in a Windows VM, DirectX is currently limited to DX10 and openGL to version 3.3. (VMware Fusion 12/ WS 16, to be released in a few weeks go to DX11 and OpenGL 4.1) The DX compatibility level also depends on the virtual hardware version you choose. While things might be choppy on a slower configuration, none of it should ever crash the host. As you can see I need more info to investigate your issue...
  13. Thanks for the update... was also doing this. Will stop then. German is not my native language anyways :)
  14. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi 10.3.3/10.4 IDE Editor on VMware speed issue

    Hi, Good to hear you found a resolution. FWIW, mainly using VMware Fusion here since its first release and do all of my development in there, no nasty scrolling issues. Also no problems on VMware Workstation 15.5.6 (using it even longer) A few remarks - if you use a higher screen resolution then you should have enough RAM assigned to the VM (I think you were fine on that). Note that stretch mode will slow down performance. - Full screen mode (again that's what you used, just trying to be complete) is faster than using the Unity option as with unity VMware has to scrape the contents of the screen and then redisplay it within a window at the host with dramatic performance implications. - Selecting 3D should normally improve graphic performance, but some workloads it appears to work the opposite, as such disabling 3D is a standard troubleshooting step. - Never over provision CPU resources. A lot of the GPU is done on the CPU, if you assign too many cores then not enough resources are left for either host OS, network (also a CPU resource) and virtual GPU. My rule of thumb is to not give more than half the physical number of cores to a VM. - Running VMware Workstation under Hyper-V will have a performance impact. According to VMware's developers it is expected to be about 20% slower. If you continue to have problems with this then please open a thread over at the VMware Community forums and I (or one of the other regulars) will help you out troubleshooting this issue.
  15. Wil van Antwerpen

    Amazon S3 API using BackBlaze. How?

    You could try via Chilkat. eg. https://example-code.com/delphiDll/amazonS3.asp