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  1. Wil van Antwerpen

    Delphi compatibility with Windows 11?

    FWIW, TPM 2.0 support has been available for VMware Workstation since at least Workstation 14 IOW since 2017. [1] Another note is that Windows 11 in a VM appears to run just fine without TPM and even UEFI as I upgraded a Windows 10 VM to Windows 11 and it has neither. To put it in another way. Microsoft relaxes the requirements for virtual machines as was found by VMTN user SvenGus here [2] To quote SvenGus: [1] https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workstation-Pro/14.0/com.vmware.ws.using.doc/GUID-B42CAC2A-DC3D-4F15-BEFE-AB4319B288CB.html [2] https://communities.vmware.com/t5/VMware-Fusion-Discussions/vmware-fusion-on-m1-goal/m-p/2856321/highlight/true#M174764
  2. Wil van Antwerpen

    Notifications in android

    Is it different from this? http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Sydney/en/Using_Notifications#Notifications_Support_per_Platform From the looks of it, Android also has this feature. I don't develop for Android, so don't know, but the doc appears to suggest that Notification support is available. edit: Argh.. never mind, please disregard ... "show progress"... not just a notification.
  3. Wil van Antwerpen

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    LOL, it should, but sadly nobody really cares about the size of a binary these days. Having to roll (and maintain) your own version of a standard unit sadly isn't time best spent either.
  4. Wil van Antwerpen

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    Thanks David, yes that seems to be the case. While other tools can be useful, quite often it is faster to build something in Delphi. Going back to using a very old version is most of the times not the best solution. Much appreciate all the replies.
  5. Wil van Antwerpen

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    Thanks. I was afraid that it would be hard. I tried to get rid of some standard packages.. but didn't see a byte difference. None of the suggested packages are easy to remove as that would trigger a lot of extra -hard to maintain- work. Looks like I will have to learn to live with it for now. Somehow I had expected that the compiler was smarter and not include parts of the packages I'm not using, but I can see how that's a bit of a pipe dream. At least I now know what parts to pay attention to. -- Wil
  6. Wil van Antwerpen

    Binary size, how-to make it smaller?

    Back in Delphi 5, Delphi 7 etc... I did built a few DLL's and I was amazed by how small they ended up. Creating a nice control under 100kB was normal. Nowadays, with Delphi 10.4 building any control under 2MB looks like it is a challenge. Has anything changed here? Is this because I am using VCL and is VCL pulling in 2MB for that? (If so I have to see if I can't eliminate the usage of VCL) I don't see this happening if I built a component in C++ with Visual Studio. Has anyone any tips on how-to reduce the size of the resulting binary DLL or ActiveX? Looks to me that I am just missing something basic here. Btw, just saying, I'm not interested in packers. I prefer to just cut the "bloat", not compress it. Thanks for any ideas.
  7. Wil van Antwerpen

    SSL certificate for VCL Application Exe

    Hi, Exactly that.. if you offer your software as a download then SmartScreen will be a real PITA for your users unless your software was signed with an EV certificate. About 3 times a user gets asked if they really want to do this. First deny the download, then popup a "not often installed" warning with cancel as default choice, then another warning of which I forgot the details. Sorry, can't test that now as Microsoft has finally started accepting my normal certificate again (after 5 months of pain) There I was just coming to the conclusion that one of these days I have to accept that the certificate I had bought for 3 years is worthless and that only an EV code signing certificate is going to offer a painless installation for end users. (pffff... ) edit: you asked for a link: https://www.ssl.com/faqs/which-code-signing-certificate-do-i-need-ev-ov/ I have lost so much time (and sales) on this that when the next renewal comes I will not doubt and buy an EV certificate instead of the -much cheaper- OV one.
  8. Wil van Antwerpen

    VMWare Workstation PRO vs MS Hyper-V

    It is good to alert users, but just to be clear this is for vCenter Server, not for VMware Workstation/Fusion/Player. Normally VMware vCenter server should not be directly accessible from the internet (yes, some people/companies do). However even when on a local network, it is still good to run the vCenter Server appliance update, if you run it.
  9. Wil van Antwerpen

    Using VMWare: what files remain on host?

    Also using everything VMware down here. All of my code and setup is in a VM. If I need to share source with other VM's or host then that is done via source control. Note that VMware shared folders (hgfs) can work for sharing source with host, but if it has a lot of files then I do expect a decreased performance while compiling. Shared folders are convenient, but they are also known for not being very performant. This is a common complaint at the VMware Forums. My recommendation in that case is to use network shares as they tend to be faster. Another thing to look into when troubleshooting performance issues with VMware shared folders is to make sure you antivirus is not checking your source.
  10. Wil van Antwerpen

    VMWare Workstation PRO vs MS Hyper-V

    Supported since VMware Workstation 15.5 Yet another advantage... I develop for macOS, on my mac I run Delphi in a VM, I can deploy on the mac at my host and when I debug, the screen will switch to the host automatically. Very smooth. Yesterday I got a bug for latest Big Sur updates.. I fire up a VM that's slightly older and upgrade it to the latest Big Sur version to verify it is indeed an issue in this version only. You can also take that Windows 10 VM that runs on macOS Fusion and run it on VMware Workstation under Windows .. or Linux. This is exactly what I do when travelling. It is also easy to keep an encrypted version of your VM on a microSD card, so you have something to fall back on in case the laptop goes missing. There are too many advantages to not use it.
  11. Wil van Antwerpen

    VMWare Workstation PRO vs MS Hyper-V

    As others said, it is easy to make backups. It is also easy to experiment and share resources. Would like to run something that might potentially damage your setup? Not something I would do without extra precautions on a physical host. But on a VM? It is easy to experiment. Take a snapshot, do it anyways. If it was as bad as you guessed, roll back the snapshot, otherwise commit the snap. With backups that takes time to restore, with a snapshot it can all be done within the minute, including roll back and/or commit. Another scenario I used in the past was where I had to support a multitude of database back ends for a client (Oracle/MSSQL/mySQL/PostgreSQL) Each SQL server was installed in its own VM. Need to support multiple versions of MySQL? No problem, add a VM. On a physical host this can get messy and with all the SQL servers each could burn through resources even when not using. Yes you can mess with starting/stopping services as an alternative, it really all depends on your needs on what is the better choice. Also moving any of those VMs to a bigger host at any time (scale up/scale out) is easy. re. slow/fast. I've run tests with development VMs on my MBP against physical host installs (server class, similar CPU type but xeon, SAS RAID) and the difference was negligible. On 2 minute compile times, testing the exact same project, the difference was seconds. Once the VM had 2 vCPU's or more assigned, it was about as fast as the Windows setup on a physical host. The kicker? I had 4 more VMs actively running on that MBP when running those tests. It is also easy to do things like kernel debugging. You can connect two VM's via the virtual serial port all on the same host. Does this mean VM's are always better? No, there are workloads that will always benefit when running at a physical host. Audio low latency, video editing, games... they all do better on physical.
  12. Wil van Antwerpen

    VMWare Workstation PRO vs MS Hyper-V

    Don't know about Hyper-V, but on VMware Workstation, hold down Ctrl+Alt and then Alt-Tab should work. On Fusion that would be Ctrl+Command followed by Alt-Tab. Although on the latter -when in full screen- I prefer to use a 4 finger trackpad swipe left/right between desktops. Using that all the time to switch between VM's and host.
  13. Wil van Antwerpen

    macOS missing redist OSX64 folder

    Thanks, I've reverted my workaround and instead used the batch file solution from the first RSP. FWIW, it created the exact same files in the OSX64 redist folder except for the following files (they are still missing, not sure if that is correct, but somehow I believe the batch file better than my previous guess work) - bpldbtest.dylib - bplEMUVCLHelper270.dylib - bplrtl270.dylib.dSYM I guess I will find out over time.
  14. Wil van Antwerpen

    VMWare Workstation PRO vs MS Hyper-V

    Hi, That is correct, see also: https://communities.vmware.com/t5/VMware-Workstation-Pro/Shared-VMs-are-back-in-Workstation-16-1/td-p/2811423 Even if it doesn't come back, I have a product for that (Vimarun, you can find it via the link in my footer) written in Delphi of course 😉 . It does not only take care of auto start, but also auto suspends your VM(s) on shutdown. As for what product to use... Don't really ask me as I'm a long time VMware user that even has a few VMware related products and is an active user moderator at their forums. VMware Workstation / Fusion / Player and vSphere have always worked very well for me. However I strongly believe that you should use what works for you. Hyper-V, Virtualbox, KVM, Parallels etc.. are all very mature as well.
  15. Wil van Antwerpen

    macOS missing redist OSX64 folder

    Hi, FYI, in case somebody else bumps into this as well. I think I have seen this before and reported it at the previous delphi forum, which now has disappeared. Just upgraded to 10.4.2 and when building my project I got this warning: [dccosx64 Hint] H2596 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-Lc:\program files (x86)\embarcadero\studio\21.0\redist\OSX64' and sure enough that folder does not exist, also for the record no OSX32 folder under the redist folder. I only installed windows and macOS, none of the mobile options, so that might be a reason that it is missing (it shouldn't but ok), also What I did now is to copy the contents of c:\program files (x86)\embarcadero\studio\21.0\binosx64 to the redist\OSX64 folder. Not sure if that's the right thing to do, but it will at the very least fix the warning. -- Wil