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Found 53 results

  1. I'm using the FireDAC TFDQuery component to run a SQL SELECT statement against a SQL Server database. The SQL statement contains a few 'calculated' column expressions using SQL functions such as CONVERT and CAST. For example : CONVERT(DECIMAL(9, 6), 0) AS TotalHours and CONVERT(TINYINT, 0) AS WorkflowState. In the resulting dataset, these calculated TField objects are always set to ReadOnly=True. I want to populate these calculated fields in code after the dataset has been returned. I know I can do this by changing the ReadOnly property of each field : Dataset.FieldByName('MyCalcField').ReadOnly := False; But is there a setting/option within the query components that I can use to force the fields created to always default to ReadOnly=False?
  2. Hi I have discovered that update sql executed via TFDConnection.ExecSQL against a TFDMemTable fails with "List index out of bounds (8)" when there is a calculated field in the dataset. In this case the first calculated field has index 8 (9th field) as referenced in the error message. If I remove the calculated field, the update executes without issue. I assume, then, that the update tries to do something with the calculated fields that it shouldn't... is there a way to avoid this? Thanks
  3. Larry Hengen

    FireDAC calling sp_pkeys

    I am using an old version of FireDAC (Berlin time frame) and when opening an updateable query it implicitly calls sp_pkeys which can take ~1.5s to return. It seems to do so only once and then caches the PK info for the table appearing in the SQL FROM clause. Grepping the source has yielded no information, and my Google fu is failing me. Depending on the use case, this sometimes results in poor performance. For instance if the user fires up the app and goes into a screen to update some data and then closes the app, they trigger all of the metadata queries during their usage. Over slower VPN connections this can be a real problem. It would be nice to be able to prevent FireDAC from making such a metadata call. Can we specify the PK column at design-time or run-time and prevent the metadata query? After all the database PKs seldom change.
  4. MathiasBurbach

    TFDMemTable & TSQLTimeStampOffsetField

    Hello Folks, we are trying to use the TSQLTimeStampOffsetField defined in Data.DB.pas for a TFDMemTable. We created a static field list and tried to open the TFDMemtable. We run into an error: The call stack ... Data.DB.DatabaseError('Type mismatch for field ''Start'', expecting: TimeStampOffset actual: Unknown',$1767270) Data.DB.DatabaseErrorFmt('Type mismatch for field ''%s'', expecting: %s actual: %s',(...),$1767270) Data.DB.TDataSet.CheckFieldCompatibility($1758D20,$17FFE10) Data.DB.DoBindFields($17FFF60) Data.DB.TDataSet.BindFields(True) FireDAC.Comp.DataSet.TFDDataSet.InternalOpen Data.DB.TDataSet.DoInternalOpen Data.DB.TDataSet.OpenCursor(???) FireDAC.Comp.DataSet.TFDDataSet.OpenCursor(False) Data.DB.TDataSet.SetActive(???) FireDAC.Comp.DataSet.TFDDataSet.SetActive(???) Data.DB.TDataSet.Open FMain.TfrmMain.FormCreate($1780E30) Vcl.Forms.TCustomForm.DoCreate Vcl.Forms.TCustomForm.AfterConstruction System._AfterConstruction($1780E30) Vcl.Forms.TCustomForm.Create(???) Vcl.Forms.TApplication.CreateForm(???,(no value)) ... indicates that the TDataSet.CheckFieldCompatibility method points to a FieldDef for the column Start, for which the data type is unknown. I have tried to setup the FieldDefs first before opening the TFDMemTable but that did not help either. Why can I define a field of type TSQLTimeStampOffsetField but when I open the dataset the data type is unknown? I am using Delphi 11 Alexandria Version 28.0.42600.6491. Thanks for a short answer in advance. Salut, Mathias
  5. Carlos Tré

    Delphi/FireDAC and Firebird 4

    Dear fellow programmers, Can anyone tell me if Firebird 4 is fully supported by Delphi/FireDAC? Back in July I read a post, in a Google groups stating that there not support. Yesterday I tried again and the story was the same. During a talk by Carlos Canty yesterday it seemed to me that there were people already using it in production, so I am a little bit confused here. Has FireDAC been updated to work with FB4? If yes, since which version? I'm on Delphi 10.4.2 and just waiting for things workwise to calm a bit to migrate to Delphi 11. Thanks in advance. Best regards, Carlos
  6. Serge_G

    "filtering" FDBatchmove

    Hi, The goal, I have a text file with words and I want to export in a FDMemTable words with length between 4 and 12 ? I don't know how to get the value in onWriteRecord event, is there a way to ? I can get the value in the OnWriteValue one but fired after onWriteRecord it's unusefull. Any hints (not involving a localsql DELETE)
  7. Hi, I'll try auto-increment value in mongodb although, basically not support autoincrement field value in mongodb. example) https://www.tutorialspoint.com/mongodb/mongodb_autoincrement_sequence.htm that is working in cli. but, i want do it firedac component. and i can't find any support execute script procedures. can i use that script in firedac? or other way??? or impossible? p.s : sorry for my poor english.
  8. Ruslan


    Never worked with SQLite before and now for my project need to use it but some questions and misunderstandings came on application model (VCL). I used to use GUID data type for unique records, in SQLite table the field 'uuid' is declared as binnary 'guid', and I created a trigger to generate the value, in application in FDConnection.Params.GUIDFormat=guiBinary, but when try to execute a clean FDQuery a message shows up: [FireDAC][DatS]-10. Fixed length column [uuid] data length mismatch. Value length - [32], column fixed length - [16]. changing FDConnection.Params.GUIDFormat=guiString show up a 'Wrong guid format error'. and here is the trigger for guid generation: CREATE TRIGGER demotable_after_insert AFTER INSERT ON demotable FOR EACH ROW WHEN (NEW.uuid IS NULL) BEGIN UPDATE demotable SET uuid = lower(hex(randomblob(16))) WHERE id = NEW.id; END So the question is how to deal with guids in Delphi+SQLite? Should I generate them from application? Do I need to make some mappings? The second question is about using generators for auto incremented fields, is this possible?
  9. I've written a fairly small web app for testing and learning using WebBroker that makes a few InterBase database queries and I've got it working as both an ISAPI DLL under IIS on Windows and as an Apache Web Module for Apache 2.4 on Windows. I'm now testing it under Apache for Linux and while a simple database query still works, another part of this app does not. One of the web actions is hooked up to a TDataSetTableProducer and it requires a wait cursor (TFDGUIxWaitCursor) in order to work. That component has a Provider property where leaving it at the default of FMX worked just fine for Windows versions (IIS and Apache) but fails under Apache for Linux. I tried changing the Provider to Console and replacing the used units but that did not help. Does anyone know how to use datasets for Apache web modules under Linux using FireDAC which requires a wait cursor? Reference: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Sydney/en/FireDAC.Comp.UI.TFDGUIxComponent.Provider
  10. Hello - I think I must just be missing something, but I wrote some code that creates a list of strings setting up a transaction that writes data to a parent table and several child tables, linked by the key generated from the record in the parent table. (We have text files containing disparate data in a single record, all keyed by location and date/time. It had worked but now is not. I have done some editing of the code and tweaking of the table structures, but none I can think of that would cause the issue. The app loads the data from 2 text files into 2 temporary tables that are then queried in the sequence created in the transaction. I get all the records in the parent table, but none in any of the child tables. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out why it's not working. If someone can point me to something, even if it embarrasses me to no end, I'd be ever grateful. I have attached the generated transaction. Thanks. Teri SQLStr_Append.txt
  11. Guys, i'm having trouble using TBatchMove in my project. I'm migrating data from a Firebird database to a PostgreSQL database. I thought to retrive the data from de FB database without the primary key fields, because the destination tables in the PG database already have a primary key setted as serial, therefore the DB would create the indexes i needed. However, TBatchMove doesn't seem to work well with implicit values, everytime i try to execute the command, it tries to pull the primary key value from the closest field. When i added mappings to the component... Well, it started to try sending null values to the table. I am getting desperate, any solutions for this problem?
  12. I am using a TFDMemTable to import text data. When processing comma delimited files with double-quoted values an error occurs when the last line in the file does not have a line feed. To reproduce this problem create a text file with the following values in notepad: "name","date","amount" "Alpha","1/1/2021","100" "Bravo","1/2/2021","200" "Charlie","1/3/2021","300" Make sure you save the file with the final cursor at the end of the "Charlie" line. The following error will occur on BatchMove.Execute; The error does not occur if double-quote characters are not used. The error does not occur if you add a line feed so the cursor is on the line after "Charlie" when the file is saved. myTable := TFDMemTable; myReader := TFDBatchMoveTextReader; myWriter := TFDBatchMoveDataSetWriter; myMover := TFDBatchMove; procedure Test (const p_FileName: String); var // --- Added in attemp to bypass the issue I: Integer; // --- Added in attemp to bypass the issue begin myReader.FileName := p_FileName; for i := 0 to myReader.Datadef.Fields.Count-1 do // --- Added in attemp to bypass the issue myReader.Datadef.Fields.DataType := atString; // --- Added in attemp to bypass the issue myReader.DataDef.WithFieldNames := True; myWriter.DataSet := myTable; myWriter.Optimise := False; myMover.Reader := myReader; myMover.Writer := myWriter; myMover.GuessFormat; myMover.Analyze := [taDelimSep, taHeader, taFields]; myMover.AnalyzeSample := 50; myMover.Execute; end; The files being processed are automatically obtained from other systems. We cannot control the presence of the linefeed without modifying the received file. Can you please advise on how to handle this issue?
  13. Serge_G

    SQLite, adding a function

    Hi, I am surely doing something wrong there, but I can't understand where. I wrote a FDSQLiteFunction (well more than one) All of these return me widestrings, I was expecting Currency, Date, Currency. Note, first one came from help http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/CodeExamples/Sydney/en/FireDAC.SQLite_Sample procedure TDM.FDSQLiteFunction1Calculate(AFunc: TSQLiteFunctionInstance; AInputs: TSQLiteInputs; AOutput: TSQLiteOutput; var AUserData: TObject); begin // from sample AOutput.AsCurrency := AInputs[0].AsCurrency * AInputs[1].AsInteger; end; procedure TDM.FDSQLiteFunctionAAAAMMJJ2DateCalculate( AFunc: TSQLiteFunctionInstance; AInputs: TSQLiteInputs; AOutput: TSQLiteOutput; var AUserData: TObject); var vSDate : String; vDate : TDate; begin vsDate:=AInputs[0].AsString; vDate:=EncodeDate(StrToInt(Copy(vsdate,1,4)), StrToInt(Copy(vsdate,5,2)), StrToInt(Copy(vsdate,7,2))); AOutput.AsDate:=vDate; end; procedure TDM.FDSQLiteFunctionMontantCalculate( AFunc: TSQLiteFunctionInstance; AInputs: TSQLiteInputs; AOutput: TSQLiteOutput; var AUserData: TObject); var vMontant : Currency; IMontant : String; begin IMontant:=AInputs[0].AsString; Vmontant:=StrToFloat(IMontant); if Ainputs[1].AsString='-' then vMontant:=Vmontant * -1; AOutput.AsCurrency:=vMontant; end; Don't understand why! Ok, it's at design time, but I think that matters.
  14. bazzer747

    Date Sorting Odd

    I have a MSSQL table of financial transactions and I retrieve the data with a FDQuery which has the following statement: 'SELECT * FROM tAccounts ORDER BY AccName, TxnDate, Deposit' And executing that from the TFDQuery gives the correct results - a list in Account order and within that date order. See attached SQLView.jpg, specifically records 501 and 502 (correct date order). However, when I view this same table in a DBGrid in my application, the order is not the same. See attached DBGView.jpg, note the 20 Feb is before 17th Feb. The field is a Date datatype and there is no alteration to the Select statement anywhere in the application. The DBGrid is the first thing shown in the application and neither Formcreate or FormActivate do anything to alter the data returned. This 'mis-sorting' shows on several other of the records and my thinking is that in the DBGrid the TxnDate field is sorted in yyyy-mm-dd order, as in '20210217', which numerically comes before '20210220'. So this is what's happening, it seems, but why, when the SQL returns the data in the correct order does the DBGrid 're-sort' in a numeric fashion?
  15. bazzer747

    Macro substitution in Locate

    Hi, I'm aware that you can use a macro substitution in a select statement when you don't know some value until runtime (like a fieldname). If there a similar function that can be used in a Locate? I am developing a 'Search' on an accounts program where the user first selects a fieldname in which he looks for a value, maybe a 'Payee' fieldname or an 'Account' fieldname or a 'Deposit' fieldname. So the field on which to conduct the locate isn't known until runtime. A usual locate might look like this: if fdqA.Locate('Payee', cPayee ), []) then ShowMessage('Located!') else ShowMessage('Failed!'); But the user might want to search on 'Account' or 'Deposit'.
  16. bazzer747

    Filter on InternalCalc field

    Hi I have a table with a field called 'cTaxYear', which is created as an Internal Calculated field (fkInternalCalc), it's a 7 character string field and contains, for instance, '2008-09', being a tax year (here in the UK) from 7Apr2008 to 6Apr2009. The calculation is based on the date a dividend is paid out and works out what tax year that dividend falls into. It works perfectly well in dbgrids etc. However, when I try to create a filter, for instance to filter all the records with a tax year of '2008-09' the dbgrid displays nothing. There are about 150 records which do contain '2008-09' in the 'cTaxYear' field and the filter expression is 'cTaxYear = ' + QuotedStr( '2008-09' ); Reading about filters I see it says 'Only the fkInternalCalc and fkAggregate fields can be used in filtering, sorting, or locating operations....' (which is why I created an fkInternalCalc field)) but says nothing more about any settings that should be used (like maybe setting indexfieldnames). Does anyone know for sure that an InternalCalc field can actually be used in a filter expression? Or if it definitely can't?
  17. bazzer747

    Assigning Null value to Parameter

    Hi I'm struggling to enter a Null value into a field with a Firedac ExecSQL Update. My code to update a record looks like this: dm.fdc.ExecSQL( 'UPDATE tbCalendar SET EventDate = :pEd, Event = :pEv, EventTime = :pEt, Venue = :pVe, EventType = :pEvt, [Order] = :pOr, Competition = :pCo ' + ' WHERE ID = :pID', [ dDate, edEvent.Text, edTime.Text, cbVenue.Text, cbType.Text, StrToInt(cbOrder.Text), Null, iMatchID ]); 'dm.fdc' is the connection in a Data Module (dm). The 'Competition' field is not filled in by the User so needs to be assigned a Null value. Adding a new record does this by default but if the user has added a value and then wants to remove it I need to assign a Null back to the field. The above code has worked but at other times gives an error message: ..' data type is unknown... Specify TFDParam.DataType or assign TFDParam value before Prepare/Execute call.' But what DataType is Null and how does that code look? I've searched for how to do this but can't find a clear result. I've seen that you can assign Null to a field using 'Clear', but how does this get implemented. I've tried dm.fdcCalendar.Edit; dm.fdcCalendar.FieldByName('Competition').Clear; dm.fdcCalendar.Post; And that gives an error - '..update table does not have a PK or row identifier, record has been changed/deleted by another user' which is of little or no help as there is no other user as I'm testing. The Embarcadero wikipedia help is of little help, fofr some reason it refrains from giving code examples on most items I look up. And other sources, whilst nearly echoing what my issue is aren't quite the same issue.
  18. hi, did anybody have this issue: 1) FDquery1 to some MSSQL table 2) view dataset of FDquery1 thru DBGrid - 3 distinct records (same result in SSMS) 3) FDMemTable1.CopyDataSet(FDquery1,[coStructure, coRestart, coAppend]) 4) view dataset of FDMemTable1 thru DBGrid - 9 records (3 original records copied 3 times) what could be a problem?
  19. Flavio Basile

    [Firedac] SQLServer Table Locked

    Hi All. I'm using Firedac to connect my VCL Application with SQLServer. Since some weeks, I have strange Lock on tables. I have a FDQuery whit a simple "Select * from MyTable". I show the result with a DBGrid (a simple DBGrid). Another User opens a form with a FDQuery: "Select * from MyTable where ID = 1". The FDQuery is in Cached Update. When the user POST the data, the application of the user that has the first form whit the DBGrid, freeze. And also the user that has posted the data will be freezed. An important think is that the table on DB has 2 triggers that fire when the table has changed and that makes computation on field of the table. I have created a T-SQL function that gives to me information about lock: the dataset that are opened for that table are in the list. There is something that I need to do to prevent this error? Thanks, Flavio
  20. Jacek Laskowski

    Reversing from CloneCursor method

    Firedac datasets have the method DestDataset.CloneCursor (SrcDataset : TFDDataset...), which clones the cursor from the dataset given as a parameter. After performing this method internally both datasets have the same buffer with records. Is there any way to reverse/cancel the result of this method, i.e. break the links to the "foreign" buffer and recreate the original cursor/buffer? I mean especially TFDMemTable.
  21. Sqlite give the possibility to create two different ':memory:' databases and attach tables from the one database to the other. Using firedac with a ':memory:' sqlite database, is it possible to attach TFDmemtables as sqlite (virtual) tables? If so, how? Thank you in advance
  22. John Terwiske

    Firedac Sqlite bug?

    In Delphi Rio 10.3.3 (I've not tested this on other versions) there seems to be a parsing bug with this recursive CTE: WITH RECURSIVE example1_cte (Id, No, ParsedText, Unparsed) AS ( SELECT Id, 0 as No, '' as ParsedText, TextToParse || ',' as TextToParseWithTrailingComma FROM test1 UNION ALL -- "ALL" is not strictly necessary in this example SELECT Id, No+1, -- increment the counter for this row SUBSTR(Unparsed, 0, INSTR(Unparsed, ',') ), SUBSTR(Unparsed, INSTR(Unparsed, ',') + 1) FROM example1_cte WHERE Unparsed <> '' ) -- SELECT from the recursive cte SELECT Id, No, TRIM(ParsedText) as ParsedText FROM example1_cte WHERE ParsedText <> '' ORDER BY Id ASC, No ASC; When executed a Firedac error message appears: [FireDac][Phys][SQLite] Error: no such table column: example1_cte.Id. And yet, if the line below the UNION ALL is changed to SELECT Id+0, (I.e. just adding a zero to Id), the error message goes away, and the CTE works correctly. btw, this query works fine without the "+0" in other SQLite query processors (SQLiteStudio). I think this is a bug, but cannot locate it in JIRA. Attached is a quick and dirty example project. (Change the FDQuery1 to remove the "+0" to see the error.) I don't have 10.4 so not sure this still exists. Project1.dpr Project1.dproj Unit1.dfm Unit1.pas
  23. If I connect a TFDTable to a MariaDB table containing 2000 rows, and immediately call FindLast(), I get back True for success, but it positions on the 100th row of the table, not the 2000th. FDTable1.Open(); B:=FDTable1.FindLast(); Memo1.Lines.Add(Format('Return=%s A=%d', [NameFromBoolean(B), FDTable1A.AsInteger])); FDTable1.Close(); I'm running Delphi XE10.2. I've dug through the FireDAC source code and found it is applying LIMIT 100 to the initial select query to populate the TFDTable, but I'm not understanding why the FindLast runs in that initial query result rather than the whole table. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks.
  24. Jacek Laskowski

    FireDAC and pooling parameters

    What exactly are PoolCleanupTimeout and PoolExpireTimeout in FireDAC connection definition params? Documentation not explain these parameters. @Dmitry Arefiev ?
  25. I have recently encountered a situation where code was explicitly setting queries to use FetchOptions.RecordCountMode := cmTotal. The query involved was rather complex and therefore expensive to execute and due to the RecordCountMode set, was being executed twice as per the FireDAC Documentation. As a result, together with all the other workload it was bringing SQL Server to it's knees. That got me thinking about what are appropriate (read least resource utilization with best performance) settings to use in the following scenarios: 1) You open a query to gather data and iterate over each record not updating the record itself but perhaps issuing other SQL Statements., or generating a report -such a query could be ReadOnly, ForwardOnly 2) You open a query with RequestLive = True and iterate over it updating values which FireDAC posts back to the database In both of the scenarios above, to display progress information you want the total record count. What do developers usually use for FireDAcC FetchMode/RecordCountMode and other settings in such scenarios and what if any combination of settings are done globally with a TFDManager vs. locally at the query level?