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is FGX native still around?

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Yes it is. You can contact Yaroslav Brovin (the owner) via Telegram, the open beta should come in this summer from what I got told

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FGX as I know provides native "wait cursor" for Android and iOS. Are there other solutions for FMX platform by FGX?

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It has been a long wait for this product. The first Beta was to appear in December 2017. The Beta was then delayed to early 2019 (?).


On Telegram - see 'Delphi FGX Native (Eng)' the last post was 5 June 2018. Perhaps there are other communication channels that I am not aware of?


Hopefully the Beta will come out in the European summer.

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Now, there is a 1.x release version for download.  

Has anyone already tried it?


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