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Stop showing MainForm after load project

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Does anybody know any existing tool with option to disable showing MainForm DFM of project after it open?



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What i do:

Fiddle with the "Autosave" option.

Close all "heavy" forms before closing the project.

Not optimal but works for me most times.


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24 minutes ago, Attila Kovacs said:

Maybe because I have Autosave Project Desktop on?

Habits and expectations differ, so setting this option to ones personal favor is not bad in the first place. There is only one thing to remember when switching that off: The project desktops are opened in the state they were last saved.


To solve your problem:

  • switch this option on
  • load a project
  • close all forms
  • close the project
  • switch option off again


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Ok, thanks.

When I download a source code from SVN/GIT and then open it in IDE then again MainForm will be showed...

A better solution would be to have an option for this in any IDETool eg DDevExtension 🙂

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This is environmental. The behaviour you describe is not what I encounter. We need to understand your environment and workflow. 

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