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Mr. E

Bookmarks in the forum?

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Is possible to add this feature: Bookmarks ?

From time to time I read some very interesting post, that qualify as tips & tricks that need to be bookmarked for further reference.

Maybe it exists and I don't know how to use it; this forum is full of features.

I use other forums that use "discourse" and have this useful feature.

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1 hour ago, Mr. E said:

Is possible to add this feature: Bookmarks ?

You already have this option. It is called "follow content".

You can decide if you want notifications on new posts for those topics or not. (see attachment).


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There is also the option to share a post. This results in an url which can then be added to any bookmarking tool.


There used to be public bookmarking sites, I don't remember the name of the one I used though. Since I don't use it any more, it was probably shut down or bought and converted to a spam source. It wasn't mybookmarks.com but that's the one I found by googling right now.


edit: Found it. It was delicio.us which after being bought several times it has now ended up being "discontinued".

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Good to see other options and some with a price$


In the meantime I'll try to use "Follow"


Thank you for the responses!

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