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David Schwartz

formatting HTML code

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This site https://htmlformatter.com/ does an awesome job of taking a huge glom of unformatted HTML and pretty-printing it so it's super-readable.


Are there any components that can do that in Delphi?


You'd give it a string or stringstream, and it formats it into another string or stringstream or TStringList (eg., a TMemo)


All I can find in Google is how to format Delphi (pascal) code.

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Do you need parsing too, or only to beautify the code? I wrote a unit which beautifies and simplifies (remove idents and formatting to reduce size) XML documents and it's using only string helper functions. It formats a ~14 MB XML file in about 300ms, however this heavily depends on the amount of tags.

Since the structure is very close I suppose it can work with HTML.


If you don't want to use components / libraries let me know, I can send you the code.

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