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John Kouraklis

IDE adds {$R} between units

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All of the sudden, the IDE adds 3 or 4 lines of {$R} between the units in the main dpr file. I then delete them and compile the project correctly. The next time I recompile, the {$R} reappear.


The {$R} is like this, without any file names or anything else.


Anyone has seen this before?



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The version is 10.3.2 and it looks like the dproj had a few entries like this: 


<Form>$R *.res</Form>

as described in a link Dave shared.


There were, also, some {$R *.res} at the end of the lines with the units. I hadn't seen them because the file names and the paths are very long going outside the window. 


Hope now all is good.



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It happens to me every time I add a new unit to the project, mainly because I have other compiler directives in the .dpr.

I think it works as designed...

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