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David Hoyle

IComparer Interface not being released

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I wonder if anyone can either confirm I'm not going insane and this is a bug I need to report or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Eurekalog has found a bug in my application and I've managed to decant it down to the following code - it takes a pair of integers and sorts them by the FPosition field (code to get the display order of a VirtualStringTree).

The commented out line in Test() should not be required in my mind as the IComparer interface should be released when it goes out of scope at the end of the Test() function but it doesn't for me (I'm using 10.3.2).

Program ComparerFreeing;


{$R *.res}


  TXTColumnPosition = Record
    FIndex, FPosition : Integer;

  TXTColumnPositionComparer = Class(TInterfacedObject, IComparer<TXTColumnPosition>)
    Constructor Create;
    Destructor Destroy; Override;
    Function Compare(Const Left, Right : TXTColumnPosition) : Integer;

Function TXTColumnPositionComparer.Compare(Const Left, Right: TXTColumnPosition): Integer;

  Result := Left.FPosition - Right.FPosition;

Constructor TXTColumnPositionComparer.Create;


Destructor TXTColumnPositionComparer.Destroy;


Function Test : TArray<TXTColumnPosition>;

  Comparer: TXTColumnPositionComparer;

  SetLength(Result, 5);             //
  Result[0].FIndex := 0;            //
  Result[0].FPosition := 4;         //
  Result[1].FIndex := 1;            //
  Result[1].FPosition := 3;         //
  Result[2].FIndex := 2;            // Dummy setup for testing
  Result[2].FPosition := 2;         //
  Result[3].FIndex := 3;            //
  Result[3].FPosition := 1;         //
  Result[4].FIndex := 5;            //
  Result[4].FPosition := 0;         //
  Comparer := TXTColumnPositionComparer.Create;
  System.Generics.Collections.TArray.Sort<TXTColumnPosition>(Result, Comparer);
  //: @debug Comparer.DisposeOf; // Required to release the interface 

  aInts : TArray<TXTColumnPosition>;
  i : Integer;

    aInts := Test;
    For i := Low(aInts) To High(aInts) Do
      WriteLn(aInts[i].FIndex, ' => ', aInts[i].FPosition);
    On E: Exception Do
      Writeln(E.ClassName, ': ', E.Message);


I get the following output from the above...

5 => 0
3 => 1
2 => 2
1 => 3
0 => 4

i.e. Destroy is not called.

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Mixing of object and interface references with a const interface param. Solution: declare the Comparer var as IComparer<TXTColumnPosition>

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Thank's Stefan. Originally I had the following...

  System.Generics.Collections.TArray.Sort<TXTColumnPosition>(Result, TXTColumnPositionComparer.Create);

and that would release. I changed it while trying to find out why. I'll change it as you suggest (I should have noticed that) and see if it works.

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No, that would not release either - thats one of those bugs people keep reporting since ages and Embarcadero refuse to fix - I think @Dalija Prasnikar remembers the according QP entry.


FWIW unless the comparer needs its own state you don't even need to create your own class, just pass a function(const left, right: T): Integer to TComparer<T>.Construct


fwiw in Spring I added overloads to all methods taking IComparer<T> to also directly accept that - makes using them way more comfortable.

Edited by Stefan Glienke

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The const param reference counting bug that keeps on giving.






QC report 90482 and presumably many others. Of course, Emba killed QC. Thanks so much for that. Can I be arsed to re-enter all the unsolved reports that were killed when QC was killed? No I cannot.

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It's beyond me why, if it's never getting fixed, why they can't at least add a compiler warning. We don't even have warnings for the most obvious mistakes like using an uninitialized return value or this. I don't understand why.

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1 hour ago, Der schöne Günther said:

It's beyond me why, if it's never getting fixed, why they can't at least add a compiler warning. We don't even have warnings for the most obvious mistakes like using an uninitialized return value or this. I don't understand why.

If they add warning they could just as well fix it...


Seriously, no matter how hard I try, I cannot figure out the real reason why... 

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