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IDE Fix pack for Rio

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18 minutes ago, jbg said:

Repeat my steps and "After 5,select All targets"

When I don't have IDEFixPack installed, there is no problem. I will try again, thank you.

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18 minutes ago, cdavis9999 said:

Is there a 10.3.3 Fix Pack available?

I don't think a new Fix Pack has been released yet.  On the other hand, the download links do say "10.3 (RTM/UP1/2/3)", though the update dates are several months old.

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When I installed D10.3.3 replacing D10.3.2, it seemed to lose the Fix Pack in part.  Couldn't find a .dll, although IDE Fix Pack 6.4.4 still showed during Delphi start up.

I found the IDE to be horribly slow and a little weird compared to what it was in D10.3.2 with FM 6.4.4.  :-(

I reinstalled FP 6.4.4 and all performance restored.  :-)

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