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Indy Documentation Problem

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Indy is a big big library.
hoping that everything is works well and everything updated according to its standard also a hug job.
it is nice if we collect every simple and working examples in one place.
in order not got confused (there many Indy version, also many Delphi version) it is very important to write down which Indy version is used AND which Delphi version used to compile AND which OS is used.
OS also important cause OS can doing same job differently.

so lets start collect our simple working examples.

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Any idea when Indy documentation and examples will be available for Delphi 11 or any other recent Delphi versions ?

Need a reliable tcp socket server/client solution that documents how to implement in something close to Delphi 11.

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just recently updated to d11, my indy help seems to be good?

not sure about examples, just started with indy myself and didn't really find anything that fit my needs.

but needed a packet client for android, so this is what i did, not saying it's correct, but compiles clean under d11 and was tested and working quite well under berlin on both window and android.

bit of bloat as it also has udp server discovery that can auto config client.

pretty basic, 1 crit, 2 q's, 2 socks, 3 threads wrapped in a class that will shoot you an event when it gets a packet.

haven't turn the key on this engine since I've installed d11, been tackling other tall issues, lol. she'll turn on.

this is a custom packet, client comms, you need to define your own packets, I got a whole unit for that.


Good Luck.



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