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Dave Novo

problem upgrading to Delphi 11.1 Patch 1

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I wonder if anyone has encountered this before.


Delphi 11.1 (initial release) was running fine on the computer (Win10).


We tried to install Patch 1 according to the instructions at



using the "manual mode". Basically we opened the patch ZIP file and manually copied the files within the zip over the previous Delphi 11.1 files that were there. We did it folder by folder just to be paranoid and ensure we were copying the correct thing.


We then restarted Delphi, and the IDE seems to start up, but when we get past the little startup wizard we get



Does anyone have any idea why Patch 1 would trigger this problem. There is nothing trying to be loaded from a network location. All files were replaced in the standard delphi installation folders.

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No problem with Getit and Windows 11


Edit:  Here maybe

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We are trying to create a template machine that all developers can use. We dont want to have to have a script that all developers have to do manually, i.e. run GetIT, do X, do Y. The base machine should be setup that we just create virtual machines, join them to the domain, and developers login and are up and running.

In fact, we are setting up the entire machine via Ansible, so its completely automated, documented and under version control. This ridiculous patch issue is our last issue. I dont see why when they release a patch then EMB cannot rebuild an installer with the patch incorporated.

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