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do you know a high quality SVG library for Delphi?

commercial or free is ok


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Also Skia4Delphi (FMX & VCL). If it's just VCL, SVGIconImageList is the one that has better integration with Delphi controls because it has a TSVGIconImageCollection and TSVGIconVirtualImageList.

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+1 for HTML Component Library - I use it to display complex charts generated by Matplotlib (including tessellated charts) and it works really well, with very smooth resizing of windows.

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I've tried many SVG implementations in the past.
At now I'm with SVGIconImageList + Image32.


SVGIconImageList permits you to choose the SVG to render between: Skia4Delphi, Image32, D2D (directdraw), TSVG.


Skia4Delphi is very interesting.
I already use the skia4python in Python programs and recently I've installed Skia4Delphi in Sydney to draw canvas with its powerful features.

Same with Image32 which is full native Delphi and extremely powerful.

Delphi developers definitely can't complain about having few tools in the box.


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If you're going to use simple SVG files, probably most of these libraries will do the job.
Personally I prefer librsvg + cairo wrappers. It is the fastest one at least by the benchmarks I did using different SVG libraries loading about 1000 SVG files.

And it supports filters. How the above listed libraries deal with the attached SVG file. Could they open it?



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