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Tom Mueller

Object inspector in Rio 10.3.1 looses a changed property value when selecting an other component

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When changing a property value, for example the name property of a TLabel in the object inspector and then directly select another component on the form, the changed name value is not saved.

Only pressing the Enter key or changing to an other property saves the changed value.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. add two TLabel on an empty form and select one
  2. change the name of the label without pressing the enter-key
  3. select the second label
  4. select the first label again -> your changed name is gonne!


In Delphi 10.2.3 Tokyo this error was not present. 


It is not a killer bug but a very annoying issue! 

Can anyone reproduce this issue?


PS: I reported the bug on https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-23694

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I can reproduce it for the name of the label, but not for the caption, for example.


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Yes - some properties get refreshed during typing and some not.


So far I checked the properties for some basic components that do not refresh:

- BevelWidth

- Top

- Left

- Width

- Height

- Tag

- ImageIndex

- Margins (Bottom, Left, Right, Top)

- Constraints (MaxHeight, MaxWidth, MinHeight, MinWidth)

- TabOrder


It seems most numeric properties (beside the Name property) do not fire a change event when loosing the focus.


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Please clarify: is this a VCL or FMX issue, or both? Because I can not reproduce for FMX.

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It's a VCL issue. I noted another yesterday: if you type text into a property (like caption) that is longer than what fits into the visible width of the OI column the text does not scroll while you type to keep the caret in view.

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