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After Update 11.2 libsqlite.a not found IOS

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After updating to 11.2 I get the following message when compiling for IOS:

[DCC Fehler] E2597 ld: file not found: libsqlite.a

This message always comes up when I have included the unit in a project:




Before the update I was able to compile the project without any problems.



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Not installed 11.2 yet, so just a rough guess ...

Have you added the Sqlite libraries under Project/Deployment, "Add Featured Files", there you can click to add the Sqlite Engine.

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Interesting. All my projects include SQLite and I have no problems.
But it's correct, I have added the libraries in Project/Deployment for both iOS and MacOS

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I have the same issue for iOS Simulator.

It cannot find sqlmidas.a and sqllite.a


I added featured files for both MIDAS and sqlite, but they don't contain info for iOSSimARM64


Any idea?

Immagine 2022-09-21 141903.png

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