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Holger Flick

Pack exe using UPX

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I recently read on the internet that UPX is not recommended to be used with Delphi VCL applications. I never had any issues, but I am also open to better alternatives. 


Is there a better, free alternative?

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Which problem are you trying to solve? We have quite a few rather large executables, but that never posed a problem.

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I am very surprised by this question.

The biggest problem that UPX has is that Windows is blind-sided and memory management for the application at system level becomes a mess.

The same is true for all other packers, including stuff such as Ice Licence (is that still around!?). 


I have never used that stuff, never felt a need for it.

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1. It uses less disk, but more memory than a plain exe.

2. I have observed is that the combination of Delphi exe  + UPX is often falsely detected as a potential virus threat by some antiviruses.


For me, point 2 is a showstopper, since it is frightening for your users.

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