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GExperts Grep can use the MAP file

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The GExperts Grep Search expert has various options to tell it which files to search:

  • The current file
  • All files in project
  • All files in project group
  • A directory list (separated by semicolon)

That sounds like an exhaustive list, but it isn’t. Both, project and project group, were only searching files explicitly listed in the project(s). Files that were linked into the project using the search path, were not searched.

Until now, that is: There is now an option to use the MAP file instead of the DPR file for project search.



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Thomas, that is an important addition, thank you very much!


You wrote in your blog:



If there is no MAP file, it falls back to the original method of searching files listed in the DPR file.


There could be cases where the fallback is not evident because the map file creation has failed for some reason while the user believes the map file is being used because he has checked that option in the Options dialog.


Therefore, I feel it would be better having a checkbox directly in the Grep Search dialog: "Indirectly used units" in the "Delphi Code Content Types" group-box:




This checkbox would be automatically disabled in the case no map file exists so the user is AWARE that no indirectly used units can be searched.

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