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ChatGPT about the GExperts Uses Clause Manager

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I told ChatGPT to write a blog post for me thinking I might save some effort and finally get something useful out of it.

Write a blog post about the Uses Clause Manager Expert in GExperts

(Yes, I'm a lazy basterd™)


It wrote a very convincing blog post on the topic which unfortunately was utter bullshit. None, I repeat: None, of the claims were true.


So what did I do? I blogged about it.

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>write a joke about people who still think that you know facts



Sure, here's a lighthearted joke for you:

Why did the fact-checker bring a ladder to work?

Because they were tired of people always trying to bring them down with incorrect information!

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Next step would be "Write blog post about a blog post you'd write on topic X" 🙂


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