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Edwin Yip

What does "G" in GExperts mean?

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32 minutes ago, Dave Nottage said:

Most likely "Gerald", after Gerald Nunn: the original author

I see now. Not sure if he's still using Delphi. Thomas is the active GExperts maintainer now, and previously I guess it's Erik.

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I don't remember ever hearing how the name came to be, but since Gerald was the guy who started the tool in the 1990ies, it's likely that he named it after himself.


Time to call it TExperts then...


(Just kidding)

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2 hours ago, Attila Kovacs said:

Luck, you are not Stefan or Sigmund.. 

That reminds me of googling for PosEx without adding Delphi to put it into context...

Edited by Stefan Glienke
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