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  1. Surely, admittedly, G+ was a different beast compared to any "forum"-style... forum (?) But G+ was a lot of FUN too. I feel the FUN got lost. Could we have an OT-group? Or a move long threading-detailed threads to a "go on" group? I have no idea, but i'd like a discussion about what DPraxis can do to bring back the chatty reception-area w/o breaking "serious" threads? Jeroen, where did you go?
  2. Uwe Raabe

    Were did all the fun and bonding go?

    We actually have Off-Topic here: https://en.delphipraxis.net/forum/17-offtopic/
  3. Remy Lebeau

    New to Json

    The 2nd JSON object in the "conditions" array DOES NOT have a "bar_sea_level" value in it, so calling JsonObject.GetValue('bar_sea_level') returns nil. The "bar_sea_level" value is actually in the 3rd JSON object in the array, so you need to use Items[2] instead of Items[1]: var JsonValue: TJSONValue; JsonObject, JsonData: TJSONObject; JsonConditions: TJSONArray; Branch: string; ... begin ... JsonValue := TJSONObject.ParseJSONValue(st); if JsonValue <> nil then try JsonObject := JsonValue as TJSONObject; JsonData := JsonObject.GetValue('data') as TJSONObject; JsonConditions := JsonData.GetValue('conditions') as TJSONArray; JsonObject := JsonConditions.Items[0] as TJSONObject; Branch := JsonObject.GetValue('temp').Value; memo1.Lines.add('Parsed temperature '+branch); JsonObject := JsonConditions.Items[2] as TJSONObject; Branch := JsonObject.GetValue('bar_sea_level').Value; memo1.Lines.add('Parsed barometer '+branch); finally JsonValue.Free; end; ... end; It helps to view the JSON in an indented format so you can more clearly see the actual hierarchy of values, objects, and arrays, eg: { "data":{ "did":"001D0A710197", "ts":1557136813, "conditions":[ { "lsid":223656, "data_structure_type":1, "txid":1, "temp": 52.7, "hum":66.3, "dew_point": 41.8, "wet_bulb": 46.2, "heat_index": 51.7, "wind_chill": 52.7, "thw_index": 51.7, "thsw_index": 49.7, "wind_speed_last":0.00, "wind_dir_last":0, "wind_speed_avg_last_1_min":0.00, "wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_1_min":null, "wind_speed_avg_last_2_min":0.00, "wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_2_min":null, "wind_speed_hi_last_2_min":0.00, "wind_dir_at_hi_speed_last_2_min":0, "wind_speed_avg_last_10_min":0.00, "wind_dir_scalar_avg_last_10_min":null, "wind_speed_hi_last_10_min":0.00, "wind_dir_at_hi_speed_last_10_min":0, "rain_size":2, "rain_rate_last":0, "rain_rate_hi":0, "rainfall_last_15_min":0, "rain_rate_hi_last_15_min":0, "rainfall_last_60_min":0, "rainfall_last_24_hr":0, "rain_storm":null, "rain_storm_start_at":null, "solar_rad":0, "uv_index":0.0, "rx_state":0, "trans_battery_flag":0, "rainfall_daily":0, "rainfall_monthly":0, "rainfall_year":0, "rain_storm_last":null, "rain_storm_last_start_at":null, "rain_storm_last_end_at":null }, { "lsid":223554, "data_structure_type":4, "temp_in": 69.1, "hum_in":38.2, "dew_point_in": 42.6, "heat_index_in": 66.8 }, { "lsid":223553, "data_structure_type":3, "bar_sea_level":29.932, "bar_trend": 0.028, "bar_absolute":29.404 } ] }, "error":null } Now you can clearly see that there are 3 objects in the "conditions" array.
  4. stijnsanders

    Can TFDQuery (SQLite) work as fast as TFDmemtable ?

    My own clean SQLite 3.dll wrapper is here: https://github.com/stijnsanders/TSQLite
  5. Stefan Glienke

    Constructors + Destructors in class helpers?

    Inheritance of helpers is not solving the problem at all - you then still can have the case where you would want to use methods from 2 different helpers which cannot inherit from each other. The only solution is to make not only the last visible helper usable but treat conflicting methods via overload resolution - just like extension methods in C# do.
  6. AlekXL

    Rio 10.3.1 IDE Compiler Error

    actually, the only way to fix it is to have compiler opensourced and local skilled software engineer hired -- to investigate such issue. He could resolve issue, and then report it! So vote the issue