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  1. aehimself

    Zeos 7.3 entered the beta phase.

    @Dany Marmur as far as I can see @EgonHugeist already started the development of the Zeos-based memory table. The latest snapshot already has the TZMemTable component - now it's time to start to play with it! Edit: Seems to be working as it should: procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin ZMemTable1.FieldDefs.Add('MyField', ftWideString); ZMemTable1.Open; Try ShowMessage(ZMemTable1.RecordCount.ToString); ZMemTable1.Append; ZMemTable1.FieldByName('MyField').AsString := 'Hello world!'; ZMemTable1.Post; ShowMessage(ZMemTable1.RecordCount.ToString + sLineBreak + ZMemTable1.FieldByName('MyField').AsString); Finally ZMemTable1.Close; End; end; At the moment it throws a nullpointer AV if it's destroyed while it's open but I'll send a pull request with a fix in a minute.
  2. Turan Can

    full screen view capture

    Limelect, There is no code language issue for me. I am reviewing what you sent. Thanks a lot for the information. There are several api used in the code you sent, I'll review them.
  3. You have two threads that are wanting to read at the same time, and write at the same time. This is not a good design choice. It is a race between the threads, you don't know which thread will actually receive which message, so BOTH threads have to be ready to reply to KeepAlives, and BOTH threads have to be ready to handle non-KeepAlive replies. And worse, it is possible that one thread may read bytes that the other thread is expecting. It is just not a good situation to be in. I would suggest a completely different approach. Have 2 worker threads - 1 thread whose sole task is to read ALL incoming packets, and 1 thread whose sole task is to write ALL outgoing packets. When the reading thread receives a message, if the message is a KeepAlive then the reading thread can ask the writing thread to send a reply, otherwise the reading thread can dispatch the message for processing as needed (which probably shouldn't be done in the main thread, if you can avoid it). When the main thread (or any other thread) wants to send a message, it can ask the writing thread to send it. This way, you don't need to synchronize the reads and writes anymore. Only synchronize the requests for sending messages. Reading thread: Reader.Execute while not Terminated receive data (no timeout) if message type is keepalive create ack message Writer.Send(message) else dispatch message for processing Writing thread: Writer.Send(message) queue.lock try queue.add(message) signal.set finally queue.unlock end Writer.Execute while not Terminated if signal.wait(timeout) try queue.lock try make copy of queue queue.clear signal.reset finally queue.unlock end; send messages in copy finally copy.clear end; Main thread: Main.DoSomething create xml message Writer.Send(message) Main.DataReceived(data) parse data if should send next message create xml message Writer.Send(message)
  4. This is so important! We must leave no stone unturned in our battle to persuade Embarcadero to change this!
  5. Actually there are two errors: undeclared identifier cannot compile unit Seems to be pretty correct in my view.