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  1. They are debating the age rating for the video. Things went pretty wild yesterday.... "I want to Free this"... "you can't, the fabric of spacetime will collapse if you write code this way".."but, spacetime is thread-safe" .. "No!" Well... I hope the link will be available soon. I want to see some parts in slow motion.
  2. Greetings, thank you for providing this information, I did the compariosn I have just discovered the reason of the issue. When I set HCSSL1.Connection:='Keep-Alive', authorization started to work properly. It's been probably some change in authorization process towards new version of Tomcat, because contemporary version worked well even without setting this property. Francois and Angus, thank you for you efficient help and have a great weekend ahead. Karel
  3. Hm, wasn't the point of the first post in this thread that FreeAndNil isn't big enough of a subject to make a whole video about? Two pages of discussion say otherwise.
  4. I recently spent an entire week trying to fix a bug where in heavily threaded situations customers were seeing random av's. The av's and the stack traces were very random, which made it very difficult to pin down. Debugging threads in delphi is painful at best - any changes to timing can completely mask bugs so using breakpoints was not going to work (and the bug would occur in around 4 out of 40 identical threads). After spending days adding even more (pointless as it turned out) locks all over the show I wasnt' much closer to figuring it out. I suspected it could be a reference counting issue (since I use interfaces a lot), so started sprinkling some FreeAndNils around the code (in destructors) - suddenly those random av's turned into nil pointer exceptions that were much less random. That confirmed to me that the issue was with accessing objects already free'd. The problem turned out to be that I was using weak references where I really needed strong references - a 70hr week of frustration turned into a 4 line change 🤦‍♂️ I really don't understand all the angst and debate about FreeAndNil - use it where it makes sense, or don't - just like any other RTL function or language feature.
  5. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Do you need an ARM64 compiler for Windows?

    Sure thing. However, backdoor holes left for spying could be revealed by someone else and used with all possible harmful purposes. Contrary, I've never heard of any Russian developers that are "angry at everybody else" and do any harm with their software. They seem to know the difference between business and politics while others seem not. I know several cases when other developers were so angry to put some destructive code into their products to be executed when being run in Russia. Not mentioning numerous companies leaving the market screwing up all their contract liabilities. Back to the topic, the quote you gave shows that rules of the game are maintained. Formalities are valid, nothing to worry about things you don't know 😉