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New Grep Expert in GExperts - need a name

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I have just finished the first (sort of) working version of a new Grep Expert in GExperts. My working title for it is "Fast Grep", but I don't really like that. Perhaps you can suggest a better name?


It does the following:

  1. It opens a new (dockable) window in which you can enter a regular expression.
  2. As you type (with a short delay after the last keystroke), it runs the RegEx on the current editor window.
  3. It then displays a list of all matches in the window, giving the filename, line number and some context (I took this code from the Bookmarks Expert).
  4. You can then use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through these matches.
  5. While you do that the cursor in the editor window will move to the row/column of the currently selected entry.
  6. Pressing Enter closes the Fast Grep window and your cursor will end up at the selected match position.
  7. Pressing Esc will also close the Fast Grep window and move the cursor back to where it was when you started Fast Grep.


The current source code in svn already contains this functionality, just in case you want to check it out. Beware that this is a work in progress and pretty much untested!

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My list - with increasing nerd factor:

  • Instant Grep
  • Grepility
  • Greppo
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Posted (edited)

I have something similar without regexp and I'm calling it "Open Unit" 😉



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Definitely need a community vote on this. 🙂

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Thanks for the suggestions. So far I like InstantGrep and LiveGrep best. InstantGrep might be better because LiveGrep in my opinion suggests that it also updates when the source code is changed or even when switching to a different tab, which at least currently is not the case and I am not sure I want to go that way.


Some other suggestions at least made me smile. Thanks for these too.

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