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Darian Miller

Spell Checker implementation?

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What do you use for Spell Checking VCL apps on Windows made by Delphi?


There seems to be two commercial options left:


Included in their $1500 subscription. Don't think I want to pay $1500 for a spellchecker.



Available alone or in their subscriptions.  I'm trying to get this to work now.


The old standby hasn't been updated since 2015 and forums are overrun by spam.   I assume these guys are no longer around?



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I did get a response out of Glenn Crouch @ AddictiveSoftware.   Apparently still pumping out manual updates for the latest Delphi release.


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I've used the addictive lib for many years, but it's become a problem for me while separating execution from UI code so I can get by app running on docker - the library is so tied up in the vcl that it's not usable from a console app.   Sadly, it appears the devexpress and tms ones are also dependent on the vcl (layered api's people!)

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On 2/12/2020 at 10:04 AM, Darian Miller said:


Chris Rolliston's MPL source from Code Central is now on GitHub.  You can help make it as active as you like.  : )






I put a few more items into this repo today:

- Alternative implementation from https://www.helpandmanual.com/downloads_delphi.html

- Newer Hunspell en_US dictionary from SCOWL (2019.10.06)

- Newer Win32 version of libhunspell.dll , built today from 2019.11.12 source, along with two small PDF docs.



I have a TFrame descendant that has the spell check functionality built-in, initially built for use with TMS components.  TMS has an ISpell based spell checker component that hooks into their TAdvMemo component.  It's pretty easy to replace their ISpell integration with a Hunspell integration using the CCR Hunspell unit.  There are a lot of recently updated dictionaries available for use with Hunspell.


ASpell as another option, with a lot of current dictionaries  and there's also a spell checker API in WIndows 8+ as mentioned on StackOverflow, but I haven't investigated this much..





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