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Ian Branch

Message Dialog Expert form is too small in Delphi 10.3.3 & 10.4

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Latest svn of GExperts.

I have opened a new thread on this one as the previous thread had an unrelated title referring to something else.

This issue already registered with Thomas as Bug # 192.

Before I start pulling D10.3.3 & D10.4 apart as it were I would ask if anybody else is seeing this when you open the Message Dialog?



Unfortunately Thomas is unable to reproduce it which suggests it may be my environment.







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Posted (edited)

Rad Studio 10.4, installed version of GExperts, based on revision 3167. There is a similar problem, the window size can be stretched horizontally and vertically.

But after closing the 'Message Dialog' form, the set sizes are not remembered and when you re-open the window is small

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For me the same


I see this beavhior by 10.2, 10,3 and 10.4

Delphi XE5 the Dialog is shown correctly






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Hi Thomas,

The issue has returned.  Haven't used it for a bit but did today after updating to rev 3236.

It occurs in both 10.3.3 & 10.4.




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