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kuLibrary is a set of components and modules from Gorkun Grigory useful for programming in Delphi. Includes:


sait: http://kuzduk.h1n.ru/_kulibrary.html

download: https://yadi.sk/d/9RMDpE3X3PvvV9


New corrected link:




Component explorer. Analogue of TShellListView, which was cut from the Delphi component palette after version 7. It's a pity! Nice and helpful component! kuShellListView repeats TShellListView and has many nice additions like Drag & Drop.


Delphi component for working with addresses:

  1) Highlights the intermediate folder between the slash separators that you hover over.

  2) When you click with the mouse wheel (middle button) on an intermediate folder, this intermediate folder opens in the associated component-explorer kuShellListView


Component for working with links. For example: author's site, write a letter, go to the folder ... Click on any link specified in the Link property


Font selection dialog. More simple and straightforward than the standard factory one.


Dialogue for selecting folders and files. Replaces the standard OpenDialog and allows you to select not only files, but also folders.


Delphi module, adding which you can drag files FROM your program to other applications. You can, for example, drag a file from your program to Explorer.


Delphi module, adding which you can drag and drop files into your program. You can, for example, drag and drop a file from Explorer into your program.


Delphi module providing methods for translating your program into other languages.


Delphi module containing methods for minimizing your program to tray (notification area).

This module also contains a description of the TkuForm class - a form that has the CloseToTray property - when you click the [x] button in the title of such a form, the application is minimized to tray.


Delphi module contains many useful general purpose functions and procedures for all occasions.


Delphi module for working as a conductor: copy cut and paste to / from the clipboard, open applications through your program, write a letter, open a link in a browser.

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1. If you want anyone to use, use English. At the list, your site should be translated.

It cannot.

So in my case, i am not going to evaluate.

2. Make a zip of all your components for downloading comfortably. 

Edited by limelect

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38 minutes ago, limelect said:

At the list, your site should be translated.

You meant "At the least"?


I agree, if he want to attract more users, it is more than necessary to have English content.

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Typo :)

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34 minutes ago, limelect said:

1. If you want anyone to use, use English. At the list, your site should be translated.

It cannot.

At the least...

I agree that the site should present in English. That said, Google translate does a good job on the descriptions, at least sufficient to let you decide whether you have an interest in the components.

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@kuzduk Well, I think you do not understand. Putting software in a language (text)

many of us do not understand make them useless.

Many of the people using Delphi use it in English.

Making software with non-English text in it makes life difficult

since one has to translate all text.

As for your site, I could not translate.

So 2 advice, if you want some to use your components

Site in English, text in components in English.

Otherwise, maybe Puttin can use it.

Edited by limelect
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13 hours ago, eivindbakkestuen said:

The announcement in the OP should be in the Delphi Third Party instead of this group.

3rd party is more about shareware projects, opensourced ones should go to "I made this" I suppose

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27 minutes ago, Die Holländer said:

I'm almost sure that nobody dares to click on this link... 

I did, but I would wish a little more screenshots, to understands what is this all about.

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All screenshot and detailed description u can see in official site of kuLibrary: https://kuzduk.ru/delphi/kulibrary


This forum not support bb-code - this is certainly strange in 2024, therefore I give some attaches.





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On 3/29/2024 at 9:00 PM, kuzduk said:

i already wrote new site address with ssl setificate without antivirus damage!!!!!!!!!!!!!



not use old site adress without ssl with h1n : https://kuzduk.h1n.ru


Moderators, pleace edit first post link to  https://kuzduk.ru/delphi/kulibrary


Could you instead of the site update all to the GitHUB, so it would be much easier and better place to public open source library. And keep it up there, and if needed link your own site to the GirHUB and maintain only that actyively.



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Yes, GitHub it is good idea, thanks.

i have GitHub page: https://github.com/kuzduk/

I'll post the libraries there a little later.


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