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Parnassus Bookmarks for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

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It was an error dialog.  No, I don't have a screen shot.  Windows 11.  Delphi 11.1.1.

I clicked the error dialog and the old Delphi closed and the new came up.  Just to be sure all as OK I closed and restarted Delphi.  No issues since.

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An error restarting indicates a bug in the GetIt code, since the plugins are installed via GetIt and aren't active (aren't loaded) until the restart.


On 5/27/2022 at 6:10 PM, DJof SD said:

As a matter of curiosity, does that change to the build process mean that the bookmarks feature is now fully integrated into the IDE?

Not fully. They are part of the standard IDE build, but are still separate DLLs (not BPLs.) Both plugins use a powerful editor API for all their drawing which is located in CoreEditor.bpl, which I built, and which is what allows them to figure out what's onscreen, where, at what line, etc. We're planning to build an API like this into the IDE, and then move the plugins to use our inbuilt API, at which point they'll be fully integrated.


Ultimately we would like that API to be public, part of the ToolsAPI. Bookmarks and Navigator obviously benefit from it, but other tools like GExperts and CnPack also draw in the editor. We have to be careful since we don't necessarily want doing this taken lightly, but making an API available is a better choice than plugins writing code to hack in the same functionality.


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On 4/26/2022 at 6:51 PM, corneliusdavid said:

Navigator plugin with it's Go To Shortcut. With a default hotkey of Ctrl+G, it drops a stack-based bookmark, incrementally searches as you type a destination, jumps there once you select it, then Escape takes you right back. I'm often going up to the implementation section to add a unit to the uses clause and then want to continue where I was at. This is a huge productivity boost for me.

Glad you find this useful! The stack bookmarks are enormously powerful simply because of toggling... they're a good example of building a feature where the key functionality is less than you envisaged. I thought a stack of bookmarks, so you can go backwards by popping one off the stack would be very useful, but 90% of the value is in a stack of one item 😄

FWIW the shortcut Shift+Esc may be useful to you: it drops a stack/caret bookmark and jumps back, in one go. So you can easily toggle between any two locations (across units, ie over editor tabs) that way. Drop a caret (Ctrl+Shift+B), go somewhere, press Shit+Escape and it'll drop a caret and go back to (picking up) the first, then Shift-Escape again and it'll drop a caret and go back to the other...

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I'm still using my own stack bookmark plugin to parnassus bookmarks but I have only one shortcut and it's ctrl-shift-1, no other hocus-pocus.

Sadly you have removed the (official) plugin support after selling it to embarcadero. At least the documentation and examples are deleted from your site.

Why I'm not disappointed when we moving backward again.

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I have a problem with the width of the breakpoint space

2022 05 29 19 37 52 JasotSVB_-_Delphi_11_-_jstDBNavigator .png

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Both bookmarks and navigator show an error at install time before restarting the IDE. Just once. But once installed, everything is smooth.

I also have GExperts, Deleaker installed and everything seems to cohabit pretty well.

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