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  2. This release addresses problems with disabled IDE themes and Delphi 10.2 Tokyo releases below 10.2.3 (and some smaller bugs): https://www.mmx-delphi.de/2018/12/31/bugfix-release-for-mmx-code-explorer/
  3. Custom VCL, VCL/WinAPI components and Delphi class/procedure libraries, consultation on Delphi/WinAPI programming. http://greatisprogramming.com/#custom
  4. Prompted by a suggestion from Peter Aschbacher I just added a new feature to my Delphi Help Expert: You can now force it to use the default web browser instead of the Welcome Page for web URLS. https://blog.dummzeuch.de/2019/01/01/new-option-in-delphi-help-expert-to-open-in-web-browser/
  5. Just uploaded V1.0.8 with Rio Support
  6. Микола Петрівський

    Proportional scaling of fonts and components when a forms size is changed?

    Nowadays you can use code like this: procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin ScaleBy(14, 10); end; But make sure, that you do not call this too often, because all sizes of VCL controls are integers. That is why, when you call ScaleBy, some rounding happens, and over time you will get loss of precision.
  7. Primož Gabrijelčič

    Changes in Parallel Library

    The biggest problem with PPL (apart from number of terrifying bugs that were only recently fixed) is the annoying and uncontrollable behavior of its thread pool. It will start threads as it seems appropriate, sometimes seemingly without considering min/max concurrent tasks configuration (of which the 'min' part is actually not, as per source, see below). // Returns false if attempting to set a value < 0 or > MaxWorkerThreads. The actual number of pool // threads could be less than this value depending on actual demand. Setting this to too few threads could // be less than optimal resource utilization. function SetMinWorkerThreads(Value: Integer): Boolean; (BTW, the comment suggests that MinWorkerThreads can be set to the same value as MaxWorkerThreads. This is not the case. It must be less than that.) "Annoying and uncontrollable behavior": Sometimes you schedule N threads, then wait, then schedule M (M > N, but M < MaxWorkerThreads) threads, but only N would start. I can repeatedly reproduce this in Tokyo (and Berlin, and Seattle ...). The problem was mostly, but not completely, fixed in Rio. I noticed some problems there, too, but at the moment I don't yet know how to reproduce the problem from scratch.
  8. hsvandrew

    Changes in Parallel Library

    I'm going to pause this rant for now, perhaps these issues have been resolved and its just the tickets in quality control haven't been closed. We spend a lot of time on this in January and it failed miserably (especially for Linux) so we gave up. It appears it might be ok now on 10.2.3/10.3 I will do some more testing and advise
  9. Berocoder

    Changes in Parallel Library

    Make a small testcase to demo the bug so others can confirm it or point to error in code.