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  1. Mike Torrettinni

    Delphi 11.1 - a month later

    Pretty impressed by Delphi 11.1! Upgraded most of my projects from 10.2 and finally I can say that this is version stable enough to move from 10.2. Versions 10.3 and 10.4 were just not ready. A few observations: - IDE crashes a lot less (perhaps only 2 crash & close so far) - still occasional F2084 Internal Error, but at least it doesn't close IDE and you can just compile again (10.2 would crash and close most of the time on these errors) - The LSP works pretty good, there's constant delay, but is worth waiting because it works correctly most of the time - I was hoping the IDE would be slightly faster, but there is a constant slight delay (I assume LSP is kicking in) - ctlr+click works better, almost always - faster handling big main form (open, close) - commenting lines works without a glitch (10.2: sometimes when I want to comment a line, as soon as I press CTRL+/ the cursor jumps up and down and it comments the first line in the unit. very annoying) - 64bit compiler compiles faster and always (10.2 would crash often) - error insight is improved and more accurate - Structure view improved, faster and less jittery (10.2 would occasionally hang for a bit on large form) - compiler hints improved, more are shown right from the start so you can sort them out (10.2 would suddenly surprise you with a few more that were not shown before) - I like the new Options window, the size persists, especially Library window - context option to close units: Close - All to the right, is pretty nice, too! They did break one thing (well, it was broken in 10.3 already, still not fixed), but is not a deal breaker (at this point): - Debug Watch list evaluator is broken for some simple cases ( https://en.delphipraxis.net/topic/6751-simple-debugger-bug-in-111/ ) Embarcadero did a good job with D11.1!
  2. Angus Robertson

    # in URLs results in HTTP 400 or 404

    This is now fixed, should be in SVN tomorrow with a lot of other HTTP improvements. There is a new option to skip removing the # fragment anchor where users are deliberately using # as a parameter without escaping it. But this is likely to be so rare the option has to be set to leave it, so technically not backward compatible which is our development philosophy. Angus
  3. Thank you, I found also the missing pas file in CollabNet Subversion Repository: midware - Revision 52: /trunk/Delphi/Midware (overbyte.be) had to change it a bit to remove BDE (DBtables) and move it to FireDAC for now. (since BDE no longer exists in D11) It compiles and installs ok. now some testing.
  4. mezen

    TLS v1.3

    Nop, that pull request is still pending, just read "error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed" The last part is the interessint part, it contains the error message. By default is certificate verification active. You have two possibilites: 1.) Just ignore the verification and accept every certificate, even if it is a malicious from an attacker... MyIOHandler.Options.VerifyCertificate := False; 2.) Let OpenSSL handle certificate verification LMyIOHandler.Options.VerifyCertDirectory := 'C:\Path\To\Certificates'; { OR USE THIS ALTERNATIVE } LMyIOHandler.Options.CertFile := 'C:\Path\To\MyCertificates.pem'; 3.) Implement the certificate verification on your own procedure HandleMyCertificateVerification(Sender: TObject; const x509: TIdOpenSSLX509; const VerifyResult: Integer; const Depth: Integer; var Accepted: Boolean); begin Accepted := DoMyVerification(x509); end; LMyIOHandler.Options.OnVerify := HandleMyCertificateVerification;
  5. Joseph MItzen

    2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    This isn't the first time it included Delphi. After a lot of pressure one year they opened a lot of questions up with write-in options and in spite of a promotional campaign from Marco, David I., etc., Delphi only scored 0.78% so it was omitted from future surveys. The most frustrating thing is that they've decided the simplest way to anonymize the raw survey data they distribute is to omit any write-in answers. 😞 That made it impossible for me to do data analysis regarding Delphi from that point forward. Being a formal choice again will be great because I know myself and a few others in the community loved to slice and dice the Delphi data.
  6. Sorry. Won't happen again.