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  1. @MikeMon Does the solution offered by @pietrt work?


    On 11/4/2019 at 1:34 PM, MikeMon said:

    I believe it should happen automatically and no code should be involved. Anything focused but covered by the popped up keyboard should be scrolled up automatically to be visible.

    If you read the answer on stackoverflow, you'll see that a scrollable container is always required.


  2. I am interested in such components as well.


    Does TBannerAd still work? I think I read in a forum that it doesnt work with the latest versions of Android.


    Then, I have seen desktop applications using ad platforms in the same way as on mobiles.


    For example, TuneIn in the latest release uses Google Ads to show ads in a desktop app.


    So, I was thinking (but havent tried it yet) to add a TWebBrowser in a form and then link the content to Google Ads. Wouldn't this work?


    39 minutes ago, Dany Marmur said:

    You that 100% right at least 🙂

    I will dearly hold on to all my VMs with regged installations.

    I have delphi in a VM and then I had this idea to cleanup and compact the image because it was eating 500GB. I had also to copy it to another drive cause my main HD was running out of space


    Then, when I launched Delphi it was asking to register



  4. Yesterday I reinstalled Delphi in a fresh machine and upon registration I got the error of maximum registrations.


    I emailed EMBA and today they replied that increasing the limit for my license is part of technical support and as I am not under active subscription they are not very keen on helping me with this issue.


    They also mention that " Historically, we provided limited support for activities such as changing registration limits as a courtesy. Going forward registration limit changes will have to be approved by Renewals. We are working to provide a more automated way to facilitate this service in the future or eliminate the need for it altogether.

    I have copied the renewals team in this email response (renewals@idera.com). Your renewals representative will be able to assist you with options to renew your support and maintenance, as well as facilitate the necessary registration increases."


    I don't know guys what you think but for me this is outrageous. Actually it is a deal breaker.


    I am not asking to receive new updates---just to use the license I paid on a new machine.

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  5. On 10/24/2019 at 1:21 AM, Joseph MItzen said:

    They're unknown internally too. I'll never forget the time Marco scheduled a preview webinar for an upcoming release and Embarcadero went and released it two or three days before the preview was scheduled! Marco joked it was now a "postview webinar", but it struck  me as strange that not even the project manager had any idea when the product would be released.

    I remember that as well..a bit sad in my view.


    So, there is Embarcadero and then there is Delphi's Product Manager. I wonder how this works...


    Feels like the product manager is a freelance and outsourced position:classic_unsure:

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