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Andrea Magni

"Delphi GUI programming with FireMonkey" is now available!

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Hi all, 

I just wanted to let you know my (long-awaited) FMX book is now available (actually it is rolling out on Packt and Amazon so availability may be different across different countries).

If you like to read some details you can read my latest blog post: https://blog.andreamagni.eu/2020/10/book-delphi-gui-programming-with-firemonkey-now-available/


I really hope the book will be useful to spread Delphi and FMX as development platform.


Thanks for the attention,


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Reading it now. Finally a nice and clear introduction to FMX - I wish this were part of the documentation from the first introduction of this framework, instead of a dry list of obscure classes present in the official docs today. Thank you for the excellent book!

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17 minutes ago, Rollo62 said:

@Andrea Magni

Will there be a PDF version too, at PacktPub ? 

I haven't seen any, only the "pre-order" books.

They have some issues with servers ( 🙂 ) ... it should be fixed very soon. The book comes in digital and/or printed edition. The digital options are EPUB, MOBI and PDF.



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