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Davide Angeli

Are the jcl and jvcl libraries still alive?

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35 minutes ago, Fr0sT.Brutal said:


You have every right to disagree. But so have I and Angus.

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44 minutes ago, dummzeuch said:

You have every right to disagree. But so have I and Angus.

Absolutely! That's why I say "disagree" instead of "you're wrong" 😉

Anyway the complexity of Git is overestimated (especially for most usual operations). Contrary, after getting used to Git I was confused by SVN. All these awkward branches, strictly straight commit history, online-only pushing - things I never knew using Git

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On 7/25/2022 at 1:29 PM, Angus Robertson said:

but far more complicated than SVN for projects with a small number of trusted contributors

But when you are only a handful of trusted contributors you don't have to use the Github workflow but can have them merging (perhaps with rebase and smashing) locally and then have them push the changed branches to Github.

And if you work this way with your trusted contributors you can still be open for external contributors with the Github Fork-Merge-Request-Workflow. That's really the best of both worlds.


We have to face, that Delphi itself is obscure enough for younger developers. Clinging to outdated tools, hosting options and workflows nobody learns anymore isn't going to help.

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