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  1. Kas Ob.

    Few do-not in website

    Trying to login to https://quality.embarcadero.com/login.jsp triggered me and i want to give an advice to everyone Look at other websites before designing your own, and don't violate your visitor privacy for gain or out of stupidity, this will not run well with the current laws. First The above link does ask for CAPTCHA in most ugly way, like this You can see clearly the autocomplete is hiding the thing, no page ever did that stupid thing with captcha under its input field, Second You want analytics for your site, then that is ok and within your right, but allowing some shady tracking stuff is a NO unless you are planning to sell your domain I have many extensions in my browser to protect and filter out most the nasty stuff in the https://www.embarcadero.com page, so i went to an extra length to show you this salad I you want analytics then pick one freaking method instead of using 102340 tracking method, without notifying your visitors, every one should by now have heard about GDPR, and delegating that shit to other 3rd-party doesn't absolve you from consequences. So Facebook, Google, Tawk, batshit Bing, Twitter, Eloqua, and that very shady en25 script !! was it enough ? Don't do that for your visitors, but if you need all of that then you might add yahoo to that orgy and you can ask publicly, we the visitor gladly can suggest few useful tracking links to violate your visitors privacy even more. ps: many if you might heard about hidden pixels ( called tracking pixels sometimes) and here you can see them on your beloved site, now you can see it
  2. I honestly don't think that the issues discussed in the answers so far should be a primary factor in your choices.
  3. In fact, its a regression that happened just recently: https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-33455 sometime in 10.4.x
  4. Kas Ob.

    Few do-not in website

    Yes, meant the browsers aka client side.
  5. Dany Marmur

    Few do-not in website

    @Anders Melander, so ok, they use Jira... I know you said that to add information in order to cater for the OPs ruminations. But i cannot refrain... All decisions are decisions and someone "took" them. M: So we want a captcha. DV: It's a bit tricky in Jira. M: So do trickery, then. DV: OK. Result: nobody no-one not anyone "own" or remembers this. Kas Ob (and me) suffers... Should have been (1): M: So we want a captcha. DV/A: Why? M.... Result: working login Jira page. Should have been (alt 2): M: So we want a captcha. DV: It's a bit tricky i Jira. A: Why do we want a captcha? Why do we need Jira? What is would the results of a "trick" be? DV/M/A: [5 hours of weighing scenarios] Fuck captcha! Result: working login Jira page. ** or ** Should have been (alt 3): M: So we want a captcha. DV: It's a bit tricky i Jira. A: Why do we want a captcha? Why do we need Jira? What is would the results of a "trick" be? DV/M/A: [5 hours of weighing scenarios] Fuck Jira! Result: Neat and nice clamped down system for doing what is important. Happy Kas (and me)! ** or ** Should have been (3): M: So we want a captcha. DV: It's a bit tricky i Jira. A: Why do we want a captcha? Why do we need Jira? What is would the results of a "trick" be? M/A: [5 hours of weighing scenarios] Fuck the DV, get his a** kicked! Result: Better Emba. My $.005
  6. Anders Melander

    Few do-not in website

    It's Atlassian. If you want to customize the UI you will have to modify the source and probably recompile JIRA. I think Atlassian invented suckage. Embarcadero has customized it a bit but I'm guessing they did that by tweaking the CSS. Here's what the standard JIRA Server 7 (they're on v6) login looks like: So your browser is able to autocomplete captchas? Impressive! Must be that there new artificial intelligence thing I've been hearing about... 🙂
  7. Dalija Prasnikar

    When will be binding to Swift libraries possible ?

    There is QP report for that https://quality.embarcadero.com/browse/RSP-22944 When will importing Swift frameworks be available, the is only that Embarcadero can tell. From what I can see, such Swift framework would have to be compiled in interop mode and Expose its API. Delphi is capable of importing Objective-C framework, so it is possible that @objc mode would suffice. If not there is unofficial @cdecl support, for Swift side. https://forums.swift.org/t/best-way-to-call-a-swift-function-from-c/9829 This is not something I had need to explore, so this is all the information I can give.
  8. David Heffernan

    Stratched image is wrong if bmp dimention >32767 (RAD2007)

    If you can't avail yourself of 64 bit address space then perhaps you will be best chopping the image up into tiles.
  9. sgcWebSockets is a complete package providing access to HTML5 WebSockets API (WebSocket is a web technology providing for bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels, over a single Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) socket) allowing to create WebSocket Servers, and WebSocket clients in VCL, Lazarus and Firemonkey Applications.  What's new - New STUN Server and client components, allows to discover public IP address and can be used for WebRTC applications. STUN Delphi Client and Server - Apple Push Notifications Support using HTTP/2 client component. How Register App Send HTTP/2 Notifications Apple Push Notifications using JWT Apple Push Notifications using a Certificate - Improved OAuth2 Client, now supports Client Credentials, this means that can run as a service or an automated application. OAuth2 Client Credentials - FTX API is now supported allowing to receive real-time market data, place new orders, manage account and more. FTX API Client - Free TradeBar Application for Binance and Coinbase Pro Brokers. Shows how use sgcWebSockets API Clients to send Orders to the Broker. TradeBar for Binance TradeBar for Coinbase Pro Main Features: - WebSocket and HTTP/2 Support: sgcWebSockets includes client and server-side implementations of the WebSocket protocol (RFC 6455). HTTP/s is also full supported. Support for plain TCP is also included. - SSL/TLS for Security: Your messages are secure using our SSL/TLS implementation. Widest compatibility via support for modern TLS 1.3 and TLS 1.2 - Protocols and APIs: Several protocols are supported: MQTT (3.1.1 and 5.0), STOMP, WEBRTC, SIGNALR CORE, WAMP... Built-in protocols support Transactions, Datasets, QoS, big file transfers and more. APIs supported for third-parties like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, FTX... - Cross-platform: Share your code using our WebSockets library for your Delphi VCL, Firemonkey, Javascript and .NET projects. Includes Server, Clients and several protocols for building and connecting to WebSocket applications. - High Performance WebSocket Server based on Microsoft HTTP Framework and IOCP. Trial Version: https://www.esegece.com/websockets/download Compiled Demos: https://www.esegece.com/download/sgcWebSockets_bin.zip More Info: https://www.esegece.com/websockets
  10. David Heffernan

    Out parameter is read before set

    Out params in Delphi kinda suck because the compiler does nothing to enforce out semantics. Compare and contrast with C#.
  11. We are glad to announce that the 4.85 StyleControls VCL has just been released! http://www.almdev.com StyleControls VCL is a powerful, stable package of components, which uses Classic drawing, system Themes, GDI+ and VCL Styles. This package contains the unique solutions to extend standard VCL controls and also has many unique, advanced controls to create applications with UWP / Fluent UI design. The new version adds new features requested by customers.
  12. 1) As long as you don't need input value of Counts, it's better to mark it "out" instead of "var" 2) When you declare a type for counts, you can zero it with "Default": "counts := Default(TCounts)"
  13. Interesting. I implemented like this: type TCounts = array[TDocType] of Cardinal; procedure CountAllItems6(const aDocuments: TDocuments; var counts: TCounts); var i: integer; dt: TDocType; begin for dt := Low(TDocType) to High(TDocType) do counts[dt] := 0; for i := Low(aDocuments) to High(aDocuments) do Inc(counts[aDocuments[i].DocType]); end; And results (changed to 100mio doc lines):