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  1. David Heffernan

    Windows 11 checkbox and radio button color

    Isn't the entire point of the system theme that there is system wide consistency?
  2. Jim McKeeth

    DelphiCon 2021 - Starts NOW!

    delphicon.embarcadero.com November 16th to 18th All online, all free
  3. Bob Devine

    HTML-based MVVM

    https://github.com/SigmaSciences/KnockoutOP Still pretty rough but looking quite promising I think. Based on Stefan Glienke's KnockOff and the DelphiHTMLComponents. Any bugs, suggestions, problems etc. just drop me an email (see the readme for gmail address).
  4. Vandrovnik

    Firebird 4.0 UDF

    Use SUBSTRING instead of SUBSTR, as Serge_G wrote...
  5. Serge_G

    Firebird 4.0 UDF

    Hi, First, know that : there are many internal functions in Firebird SUBSTR should be replaced advantageously by SUBSTRING (even if a little more "verbose" syntax) Udf are deprecated in Firebird 4.0 (P.S. don't ask me about UDR, I am still with 2.5 in production, 3 running only for test, 4 only installed) read 5.10 chapter of Firebird 4.0 Language reference In my mind, Firebird 3 is closer Interbase For the declaration of the UDF, I think you have to first check firebird .conf file (default parameter “UdfAccess” set to “None” ) , UDFs directories and bitness of the library also involved
  6. David Heffernan

    Many TTasks

    Just to be pedantic, but more "tasks" than CPUs is not a problem. The problem is when you have more runnable threads than CPUs.
  7. DiegoR

    Cannot build iOS 15.1 apps

    it seems , with monterey, passerver import some corrupted files or missing something. macOs and iOs develop, building and debug are ko. only solution, today, is to downgrade to BugSur.