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  1. Fr0sT.Brutal

    Delphi 12 is available

    Release it as 13.9 for double-hit!
  2. Jonah Jeleniewski

    SonarDelphi v1.0.0 released!

    We are pleased to announce the release of SonarDelphi v1.0.0. SonarDelphi is a free and open-source Delphi language plugin for the SonarQube code quality platform. GitHub: https://github.com/integrated-application-development/sonar-delphi Release: https://github.com/integrated-application-development/sonar-delphi/releases/tag/v1.0.0 Background If you're thinking "I've seen this before", you're probably right! SonarDelphi was originally open-sourced by Sabre Airline Solutions in 2012. It's bounced from maintainer to maintainer on GitHub (including Embarcadero). This project is a greatly improved version that has been actively developed (and extensively rewritten) by IntegraDev for the last 4 years. Features Powerful semantic analysis 120+ analysis rules Custom rules via templates or a programmatic java API Import NUnit test reports (compatible with DUnitX) Import test coverage reports (compatible with DelphiCodeCoverage) Feedback and contributions are welcome!
  3. I will test PUT finally works this week, but not for a couple of days. Angus
  4. Kas Ob.

    Design of client/server application

    Mostly irrelevant to your case, either an approaches, library, protocol, component ... has such functionality out of the box or not, but you are developer and can add such mechanism. Like above, wither the ..... (above mentioned) have such mechanism or you have to implement it, it is way easier to choose the one with already have these functionality, but yet implementing these are not rocket science, because even when the library provide authorization and locking you still as developer have to put that part and almost every single one will have an event like to adjust or override. In my opinion yes WebDav is the best out of the box, i have my own WebDav, i built it with SecureBlackBox it is using RTC as TCP socket server, working brilliantly, on my Android i use different software (From FDroid and Google Play like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore this explorer i am using since Nokia 80 8GB and many other apps that support WebDav) to perform browsing and backup my files etc, because WebDav is a standard. One more important thing, stay away from FTP and FTPS, they are pain in the back and not faster, just slower. On other hand SFTP is also viable option for you, SFTP is SSH based, does support locking, but there is a and extension for WbDav https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc3253 this one in particular is adding full file versioning, which is just what you need, i don't have in my expired SSB, also don't know where to find one for you, also my server is checking for User Agent if it is not specific one then it is WebDav and if it is specific one it will be forwarded to RTC Server (socketless) here i added RTC full blown HTTP server with support to Portal for remote controlling the whole PC while i have HTTP server for different.... well these things and modules in RTC are hard to explain but in short you can have many services and functionality without adding a single line of code just add the unit and you will have chat messenger or all RTC demos. Also here is few SFTP libraries for Delphi that can help you start, do you know of this https://www.nsoftware.com/sftpdrive/ and its price, it is simply what doctors recommend too, mount an remote SFTP directory as a drive on Windows ! Another solution is just convert your single user application to multi user using RTC, which is also brilliant, and will take you few hours or may be days to get know the library, but once you did, you will be able to implement anything with few lines, its remote procedures are most powerful you ever imagine, while threading is talking care of and you don't need to waste a second on it, so i suggest to get know it, also there is RTC Portal which does have remove file sharing, and will really serve you well as how to do things in very fast manner. As Anders explained, and i repeated, many of these fine tuned functionality is up to you and you have to put these, like custom locking or ... all the locks can be timeout, all connection can be limited to speed or time, Kas is taking hell of time writing post then disconnect him for now, let others write to the thread, when he is done, he will post, if the server see a conflict then rename the file/thread in way like being forked then notify the users or someone to solve the conflict, Lars will come and start yelling, deleting ,threatening to ban, oh boy .. Lars will do Lars. Anyway, hope that helps.
  5. HeartWare

    wuppdi Welcome Page for Delphi 11 Alexandria?

    Download links give "404 Not Found" Now, suddenly, they work...
  6. Kas Ob.

    Code formatting in Delphi 12

    How about the Debugger and Compiler Helper dcc64xxxN.dll being build by MinGW GCC, doesn't that deserve an award too.
  7. Sherlock

    Try-Finally-end; & Exit??

    Just as a totally unqualified insertion: We are talking about the GOTO statement right? The one Dijkstra is rotating in his grave about? Ok, just checking. Carry on....
  8. David Heffernan

    Delphi 12 is available

    It's one of my goals to release a version 13 of my software, which is currently at 11.4. I'd be able to retire then!!
  9. Uwe Raabe

    Delphi 12 is available

    The lack of implementing that feature request was the driving force behind writing that article. As long as everybody steps away from designing in High DPI the collected bug reports will only cover the obvious cases but miss the deeper ones. Thus I decided to use the form designer in High DPI for at least one of my projects and see how it goes. Obviously I had to develop a strategy and some workarounds to make it usable in the first place. Publishing it is based on the hope that others also step on that ship and share their findings, too.