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Steve Maughan

Fastest Way to Read / Parse a large JSON File?

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I need to read and parse a large JSON file (of geographic data) as fast as possible. I'd prefer to use Delphi's own classes but I'm not adverse using a third party component if it's measurably faster. 


What's the best way to do this?





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kbmMW's JSON parser is pretty fast. If you have Delphi Berlin, you can visit https://portal.components4developers.com, register and download kbmMW Community Edition which is free. It contains the native JSON, XML, BSON, MessagePack, YAML and CSV parsers/generators.


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Has anyone done any benchmarking lately on JSON libs?

Ones I have seen are bit old I think. (I am not needing one right now, but would be good for the community if someone woulöd do something like that)



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